Mom Kept Son’s Body For 8 Years, And The Photos Are A Real-Life Horror Movie.

Mom Kept Son’s Body For 8 Years, And The Photos Are A Real-Life Horror Movie. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

It’s very difficult to understand human behaviour. Police officers don’t have it any easier either. Trying to decipher what is in the mind of an individual to comprehend their actions is no easy task. The men in blue know too well that someone’s “normal” is completely different from the next person. The actions don’t necessarily have to be a crime for law enforcement to get involved to investigate a situation. A person may have experienced emotional trauma and confusion at the sudden passing of a loved one, falling further into despair. This does not excuse their conduct but rather gives a possible reason. The New York City Police Department has heard it all and see it all. There is not a lot that surprises these brave men and women. Still, every once in a while they come across unexplained and questionable circumstances that leave even the most seasoned cop speechless.A tan Ford Explorer was parked in the driveway for years without ever being driven.

One of her relatives offered to pick up some belongings at the senior’s home that she may need during her hospital stay.

This was not the most shocking discovery she made that day.

Police confirm the remains belong to the woman’s son. They believe she kept the body for at least eight years.

The last time anyone remembers seeing him was in 2008 after a car accident.

The Office of the Medical Examiner has not released a cause of death yet.

“She always walking down the street with a grocery bag. She would walk looking down. Something about her always seemed a little weird,” said one neighbour who chose to remain anonymous.

It is not known if the Brooklyn mom is cooperating with authorities.

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