Mom Lost 150lbs, And LOOK What She’s Doing With Her New Figure.

Mom Lost 150lbs, And LOOK What She’s Doing With Her New Figure. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Moms forget to take care of themselves. Women put the needs of their children before them without thinking about it twice. With all the work required to ensure kids are fed, clothed, and happy, by the end of the day, most women forget to make their needs a priority as well. This is not an excuse for weight gain, it’s part of the reality many women face. Without realizing it, the weight spins out of control until mothers realize it is time to make a change.She is a mom to three kids. She gained weight steadily after her first child. She was conscious of the weight gain but she thought it was not that bad. She didn’t want to know how much weight she had put on exactly, consequently, she put the scale away after having reached a size 28.

She ordered a 5XL costume on line, the largest size she could find. The costume didn’t fit properly and Casey had to wear leggings under the outfit so it looked more like a T-shirt rather than the intended dress.

When she looked at the photos from the party, she was shocked. “At first I could not believe it was me. I looked nothing like a Bat girl, it was more like Fat girl,” she admits. “I didn’t let anyone know how I was feeling…but inside I felt jealous of all the women in the skimpy superhero outfits. I’d wish it could be me.”

“We would eat whatever we wanted and I often treated us with take outs. This continued over years when I went on to have Willow and Xavier. I knew I was gaining weight, but in my head, mums were meant to be cuddly,” says Casey.

“I’ve always liked food and had been brought up to eat everything that was put on my plate,” she explains. Casey admits she use to pretend to throw away food. “If I went out to get KFC dinner for the family, I would often buy myself a chicken burger and eat it in the car on the way home,” she says.

Casey downloaded a running app. Her goal was to fit into the costume she could barely wear for her son’s birthday party. She began to set new goals after she attained the previous one. Little by little, she lost as much as 150 pounds. Since then, Casey has been posing for pin-up shoots wearing more cosplay outfits.

She has a Facebook page called ‘Beautiful U’ where she shares her weight loss success and her costumes. “Dressing up now is a fun experience and I’m a far more realistic superhero than I was three years ago,” she says.

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