Mom Murdered Her Baby With Salt, The Reason Why Is Sickening.

Mom Murdered Her Baby With Salt, The Reason Why Is Sickening. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

According to the National Children’s Alliance, close to 80 per cent of child fatalities occur at the hands of one or more of the victim’s parents. Still, there are many organizations around the country who work collaboratively to ensure no child is harmed like churches, local agencies, and child welfare. Still, many parents do not reach out for help and instead resort to abuse their kids. There are many factors as to why mothers, fathers, and legal guardians feel they are entitled to hurt their own child like lack of education, culture, and mental issues. Regardless of the situation, child abuse is never acceptable. One woman in Spartanburg, South Carolina has shocked residents with her confession. The mother of three had no previous run-ins with the law. There was one warning in November 2015 that something was not right but no one expected her cold-blooded actions towards her own child.The toddler was suffering from seizures when she was taken to the hospital.

Peyton was diagnosed with an acute case of salt poisoning.

Salt poisoning is a painful death. Children complain of tummy aches, suffer diarrhea, and become incessantly thirsty. If left untreated or more salt is given, the victim can have difficulty breathing, have kidney damage, brain swelling, and heart failure.

Martines confessed to feeding her daughter with one spoonful of salt.

It is not clear if she expected her daughter to just get sick or to actually die from salt poisoning.

She is also adamant her sister is a good mother who would never hurt her children.

Last November Peyton was referred to a gastroenterology for poor weight gain and developmental delays.

“Peyton was the most beautiful, happiest, loving baby ever. She never cried and was a silly baby making everyone laugh. You could not help but smile when you was around her. She was a little diva who loved her nails done and her favorite thing ever was Minnie Mouse…Her presence will always be with us…”

If found guilty, Martines could face 20 years in prison.

South Carolina’s authorities want people to contact their police if they suspect a child is being abused or neglected by their caregiver.

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