Mom Of 3 Received A Liver Transplant From A Total Stranger After She Posted A Plea On Facebook.

Mom Of 3 Received A Liver Transplant From A Total Stranger After She Posted A Plea On Facebook. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Imagine that you’ve got everything you ever wanted. You have a husband, three kids, and a beautiful home in Colorado. Then, life plays a not-so-funny joke on you. All of a sudden, you’re in need of a freaking liver because of a genetic illness. With time running out, you know that your doctors have to work fast and find you a new liver, otherwise you’re toast. Unfortunately, this was a horrible reality for 35-year-old Melinda Ray, who need help fast. And after a Facebook plea, she got what she needed thanks to the kindness of a perfect stranger who became her hero.Melinda had a genetic disease that was quickly attacking her liver. Eventually, her liver would fail. Even her husband, James Ray told ABC NEWS that Melinda’s symptoms “were progressing fast.” They needed a liver fast.

Ray went on Facebook and asked to see if anyone would be willing to donate a portion of their liver. The plea was eventually heard by Jeff Bramstedt, a 47-year-old former Navy Seal living in San Diego, California.

Robin then told her husband, Jeff Bramstedt about the whole thing, and he instantly said “I’ll do it.” Of course, this didn’t surprise Robin one bit since she claims “he hears bullets and he runs into these situations.”

He’s a Hollywood stuntman for films like “Iron Man,” and he’s a skydiving instructor too. But when the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital told him he was a match, they also warned him that it would be risky.

The 10-hour transplant surgery could put Bramstedt’s life in danger. Naturally, Bramstedt thought about it for a second before doing it. After traveling 1,000 miles from California to Colorado, he ended up giving a piece of his liver to save Melinda’s life, and her kids were so grateful for his kindness.

The biggest gift for Bramstedt came in the form of holiday cards from Melinda’s kids which thanked him for being a hero. Bramstedt now calls Melinda his little sister since they technically share an organ and the same DNA.

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