Mom Shares The Dark Side Of Pregnancy In Hilarious Photo Series.

Mom Shares The Dark Side Of Pregnancy In Hilarious Photo Series. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Bringing a child into the world is one of the most beautifully natural things that women can do. Carrying a child brings a joy that can only be understood through experience. But, I assure you, it is certainly not all butterflies and rainbows. The raging hormones make for an interesting test of your partner’s patience. The constant hunger adds a strain to your grocery bill. The muscle cramps, bellyaches, and your constantly changing body can lead to frustration and an overwhelming amount of emotions. Maya Vorderstrasse is showing the dark side of pregnancy with her series of hilariously true photos depicting her struggles as a pregnant mom.During her second pregnancy, Maya began posting the not so perfect parts of pregnancy on a letter board. “I started because I just couldn’t fit into the whole motherhood is so easy/my baby sleeps well/being pregnant is blissful scene,” said Maya.

Like the incessant hunger that comes with pregnancy. She’s not afraid to show people the unpleasant bits of her life.

“Since I use humor in my own life to deal with those things, I thought it would be nice to translate those symptoms into board messages, hoping people would also relate and think that we’re all normal,” explained Maya.

She showed the crazy side of pregnancy. Those intense hormones are a lot for anyone to take.

“The best part was knowing I was cooking my first daughter’s best friend and the final puzzle piece our family was missing,” said Maya. She knew that it would all be worth it in the end.

She stressed to others the importance of sticking through it with a smile. “You get sick all day, but your baby kicked? Smile,” she told readers.

“The worst part for me was the exhaustion. Being pregnant and chasing after a walking 10-month-old was absolutely no joke,” confessed Maya.

She reminded herself that she doesn’t have to be perfect. That she doesn’t have to live up to the standards that she sees everywhere else.

Maya continued by showing others the intense side of having two children. Both of her kids are under one, and we all know how tough that can be.

But she just wants to do her own thing. I can honestly say, being pregnant myself, that she is depicting it perfectly!

“Stay strong. I promise that soon enough you’ll hold your baby and literally forget about not being able to see your feet, or having food aversions like lettuce – guilty! YOU CAN DO THIS,” advises Maya.

Embrace everything that pregnancy brings. The crazy parts when you want to pull your hair out, and the beautiful parts when you feel your little one kick; it will all end soon and you’ll have that perfect baby in your arms!

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