The 24 Most Embarrassing Mom Moments Of All Time.

The 24 Most Embarrassing Mom Moments Of All Time. May 10, 2019

Although every mother is different from each other, they all tend to have similar mom qualities. Some moms can be very peculiar, some have a great sense of humor and a lot of the times they’re hilarious without even trying. We’re not necessarily laughing at them, but we’re laughing because they’re so quirky and funny just doing mom things. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, check out some of the funny examples below. You’ll quickly realize what we mean by “mom things” and might even reminisce about your mom doing something similar in your past.And this is what she saw. Cats are actually great to converse with.

If your mom owns pets, 90% chance that majority of her gallery is filled with photos of them.

As a result, she’s been receiving similar images to this for days.

So the mom put them to work.

This is actually really cute, despite the fact that it’s for a spider.

She made him matching ties for him and his cat.

So she improvised with the scanner. What a creative solution!

Here’s where the mom put the ornament this year. “Bless us, you will.”

Otherwise, he would be so dirty. I’m sure he left his shoes off at the door as well.

In all fairness, this actually looks great.

She showed up to his house a hour later with all of this. He’s 30.

And each day, the mom responds with something absurdly optimistic.

Her mom sneaks in corn on the cob.

Then they found out that their mom thinks it’s a gingerbread man.

Now just take one very good look at them.

So she sarcastically asked if anyone had a pencil sharpener and the mom whipped out this.

They’re starting the new semester as seniors in college.

He didn’t want to burst her bubble so he told her “I love pigachu.”

Jewish humor… you only get it if you get it.

And then sent them this photo. Those are some lucky chicks.

She replied: “I keep hitting play, it doesn’t play anything.” Can’t blame her for this one.

It really is a grand sight to see.

So his mother took action by covering it up. He’s a 22-year-old man.

And then she found this.