Mom’s Tough Ultimatum For 13 Year-Old Son Went Viral For The Funniest Reason.

Mom’s Tough Ultimatum For 13 Year-Old Son Went Viral For The Funniest Reason. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Parenthood is the one job that came without any previous education or experience required. Still, this is probably the biggest responsibility an adult will have in their lifetime. Getting it right is important. After all, kids will grow up one day to be an active member of society. Preparing them with what life sends their way is important for their overall well-being. Some parenting decisions garner raised eyebrows if the method is perceived as unconventional or too strict. If the child is not abused, neglected or scarred for life, than trying something different may be the key in getting it right. One single mom got fed up with her 13-year-old not listening to her and lying about homework. As all teens do, he felt he was old enough to make his own decisions and live by his own set of rules. His mother decided that if he wanted to be treated like an adult, he should start living like one.She slipped a letter under 13-year-old Aaron’s door outlining what the new expectations at home were.

“The child is going to have a rude awakening today after the words he exchanged with me last night. Not only will be find this on the door, but his mattress stripped, and the toys and clothes that I bought confiscated,” she wrote on Facebook.

Johnson wrote that Araron, “will have three options.. Buy his own, rent his clothes at $3 a day, or renegotiate his terms of being a child. Mama’s done playing games and being a doormat.”

The single mom says her son has always had consequences to his actions and words.

“He came home, saw the note, crumpled it on the floor, and stormed out of the apartment. I have always encouraged him to take a walk when he is upset so that he can collect his thoughts so when we try to talk, we are able to talk, and not just yell at each other,” she updated on Facebook.

Aaron has to choose two chores to do a day like dusting, vaccuuming, mop the floor or clean the windows.

When Johnson posted her letter on Facebook, it garnered over 167,000 shares and over 104,000 likes.

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