Monkeys Mourn Their ‘Dead’ Robot Baby In Heartbreaking Footage.

Monkeys Mourn Their ‘Dead’ Robot Baby In Heartbreaking Footage. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Have you ever wondered how animals interact with each other out in the wild? We know how domesticated animals are, but how do other animals live and act in their natural habitat? To find out how animals really are in the wild, animatronic spy creatures have been created and placed into the animal world. They’re little robots made to look like actual animals with hidden cameras within them. They’ve infiltrated the wild kingdom to capture complex emotions on camera. So far, various spy animals have been made including baby spy crocodiles, a spy tortoise, a spy prairie dog, a spy penguin, and many more. In this particular video below, we watch how langur monkeys react to a spy monkey being accidentally dropped to its “death” and what we discover is incredibly heartwarming.

**Watch the heartbreaking monkeys’ reactions for yourself in the video clip below.**

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