Morgue Door Slams On It’s Own In Real-Life Haunted Footage.

Morgue Door Slams On It’s Own In Real-Life Haunted Footage. March 16, 2019

This may very well be the most spine chilling video you’ve seen so far. After all, is there anything creepier than a door repeatedly slamming shut on its own in a deserted corridor? How about a corridor where the lights flicker like in a freaking horror movie? If that’s not enough to make you crap your pants, then how about if you were a cop that was walking through this narrow corridor… at a morgue? Now that’s pretty dark and disturbing, but that’s exactly what one officer in Brazil had to experience, and we certainly wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.In the video, you see one cop slowly walking into a dark, narrow corridor with the lights flickering in the worst way possible, while another cop filmed the entire thing from behind.

The clip starts off with a door swinging open and shut in the empty corridor and it’s eerie AF. It’s almost like a suspenseful scene in a horror movie. You’d almost expect a zombie to walk out at any minute.

These cops seemingly deserved a raise for being fearless, even with the door still flinging itself open and slamming shut without anyone doing it, as far as they knew.

Then the lights stop flickering and the entire corridor goes completely dark. At this point, you’re probably thinking that someone was going to jump out and tell them that it was just a prank, but it wasn’t.

The door was actually a cupboard that covers a water pump, and from the looks of it, there’s no freaking way anyone could have gotten inside to open it and close it and then run away.

As unusual as this whole thing was, the brave officers continued to explore the rest of the hallway. But it turns out that there was no explanation as to what caused the door to behave the way it did. Maybe it was a prank or some kind of draft, but there simply was no plausible explanation for the whole thing.

You’d have to be pretty cray-cray to answer that call to investigate. Maybe next time, these cops won’t be so quick to volunteer for these spooky assignments.

It might have even been a hoax, but the officers claimed that they started recording the whole thing after they heard the loud noises made by the opening and closing of the door.

It may very well be the worst prank ever played on police officers, but if that’s the case, then why hasn’t anyone come forward to take responsibility?

There’s nothing you could say or do to convince us to walk into a real life horror flick. It’s too bad these officers didn’t feel the same way.

It almost looks like the perfect place for every ghost and demonic creature in hell to lurk behind a door or the darkness and them come out and scare the living daylight out of you.

Plus the fact that it was shot in a former morgue bumps up the creepiness of the video. So, was it really some kind of poltergeist at work here?

The prank theory might certainly be the most obvious explanation since no one has been able to pinpoint the exact location where this was filmed or the time it and date it was taken. For all anyone knows, it might not even be authentic.

The footage ends with the officers walking out of the hallway, and like us, they’re also kind of flustered that no explanation was found.

They claim that it’s simply a viral marketing hoax and that the reason that lights went out completely for a second was to give them a place where they could edit out the part where the wires or devices moving the door could be removed without anyone noticing.

They claim that everything related to the timing of it all was way too convenient and consistent. In an actual haunting, it’s alleged that ghosts don’t manifest themselves in this fashion.

Come on, admit it! If you were dead and you became a restless spirit, you’d simply love to mess with the living this way. It’s not like there’s anything else to do when you’re Earthbound and incorporeal.

If this had been a horror movie, they probably would have been the first to die. After all, who in their right mind would actually approach a door slamming on its own? We’d probably run the other way at the first sign of trouble.

You’ve seen “The Blair Witch Project”, so you know that the person holding the camera always freaks out and yet this camera man was totally calm when the lights went out. His movements also didn’t suggest that he shook in fear or was startled or the camera would have shaken along with him.

Most of us are fairly confident that the dead won’t rise like they do on “The Walking Dead”, but logic can go straight out the window when red metal doors start opening up without explanation.

But that fact that this wasn’t a film, but may have in fact been legit footage of a police investigation makes it extremely unnerving.

That’s right! They love the dark and now ,apparently, they love metal red doors to try to scare two cops and waste their time without causing serious harm to them.

If you watch the shadow on the door on the floor, you’ll notice that when it stops, you see a bigger shadow moving forward. So clearly, someone is hiding just around the corner.

The moment the lights go off, you can hear someone other than the two cops moving away, which means that there may have very well been someone opening and closing the door before the corridor went dark.

And so did that someone or something that was walking away from the corridor right towards the end of the video, and it wasn’t the two cops. So was it a ghost or a hoax? You decide.

**Make sure you’re not holding a cup of hot coffee while you watch this video. It might not even be safe to play at work cause you might get so freaked out that you’ll cuss like someone with Turrets, but if you’re brave enough, click play anyway and see what happens.**