15 Changes To Your Morning Routine That Will Bring Unforeseen Awesomeness.

15 Changes To Your Morning Routine That Will Bring Unforeseen Awesomeness. September 14, 2019

We don’t know about you, but we could certainly use an extra boost of energy in the morning to make our day a little easier. It seems like every time we drag ourselves out of bed, it feels like we’ve left our soul somewhere in dreamland. Well, it turns out that there are some habits that many of us do that is totally salting our energy. But with a few tweaks to your morning routine, you could actually end up having an amazing morning and an even better day. So, here are a few tricks that help you get your day started right for a change.So, instead of letting your alarm clock wake you up, the sun’s natural rays will do the trick, and in the process, tell your brain that it’s time to put the brakes on melatonin production, and hit the gas on adrenaline production.

This is perfect for anyone who’s not a morning person, because you could do a little exercise, give yourself more time to enjoy your breakfast. And feel less anxious about getting to work on time, which will definitely improve your mood.

As you bathe, make yourself some breakfast and get dressed, focus on the positive things in your life. At least, you have a job, and money to buy food, and pay your bills. So, what if you’re not rich? You’re better off than some people.

Exposing yourself to sunlight resets your internal clock and gives you the energy boost you’ll need to start your day off right. Plus, you’ll reduce the risk of a heart attack and stroke by 35% if you walk a total of three hours a week.

Alright, so it’s not exactly a jog around the block, but it’ll get your body moving in the morning. It’ll also fill you up with a sense of accomplishment, which is not a bad way to feel in the morning, and can affect the rest of your day in a positive way.

The warm water and the lemon will get your digestive system ready for breakfast, and help you to avoid stomach issues caused by stress or nervousness, because the last thing you want is to get the crack-ups while you’re at a business meeting.

Not only is it a great way to start your day, but it has a stress-reducing effect that can make it a lot easier to interact with your co-workers, as well as your friends and family after you get off work.

According to Ayurvedic medicine, one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems, your mouth is like a gateway into your body and mind. So, by cleaning your tongue first thing in the morning, you’re not only getting rid of bacteria, but preventing toxic residue from poisoning your body and mind.

Stretching is the ultimate cure to morning laziness, which we all have. So, some stretching exercises the moment you get out of bed could increase your stamina and help you face the challenges of the day.

It could be cleaning the toilet, the kitchen counter, or washing dishes from last night. It helps you to look forward to the rest of the day because you know that as soon as you get home from work, you can relax, instead of clean.

It could be your mom, your partner, or a best friend that you speak too, but you’ll be surprised by how much calmer you’ll feel when you start out the day interacting with a loved one. It also reduces that feeling of loneliness, which will take your stress level down a notch.

Try meditating or yoga. It can actually help to reduce anxiety, decrease blood pressure, and improve focus. Remember that a cluttered mind is an unhealthy mind full of stress, so do a little mental house cleaning as often as possible.

You could doodle, or write about something that’s bothering you, or even what your short-term and long-term goals are. Just write, write, write and let all that stuff in your head flow out.

Sit outside on your porch, or in your living room and listen to whatever music relaxes you or puts a smile on your face and makes your body want to dance. It’ll ground you and boost your mood tenfold.

Just make sure to give as much as you receive. Kiss your loved ones, your cats, and dogs. Remember that love soothes your emotional levels and reduces stress. Love will also act as an emotional barrier against anything or anyone that might try and take you down.