Mother Bear Catches Salmon And Feeds Her Cubs.

Mother Bear Catches Salmon And Feeds Her Cubs. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

There are some truly magnificent creatures on this earth, and when the perfect moment presents itself, humans can find themselves sharing a once-in-a-lifetime experience with a wild animal. There’s really no need to remind you that mama bears are extremely protective of their cubs, and more often than not, they’ll do anything to keep a human from getting too close to her precious babies, which is why this video is so shocking. After getting the chance to “camp amongst the bears” with naturalists from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game department, this woman was excited to see how much time she would actually be able to spend with them. After spending several days being photographed by the humans, this mama bear did something almost unheard of. She exposed her cubs when they were most vulnerable, and this woman was able to experience it all. “I had an opportunity to go camp amongst the bears. Accompanied by an Alaska Department of Fish and Game naturalists, we spent six to seven hours a day, for four days, watching and photographing the bears. This sow was bringing fish to her cubs to eat, right in front of us,” said the woman. Luckily, thanks to the ever-present cell phone, she was able to get the whole thing on film!

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