Heartbroken Cat Tracked Down Her Missing Kittens. Where She Finds Them… OMG.

Heartbroken Cat Tracked Down Her Missing Kittens. Where She Finds Them… OMG. November 29, 2018

When it comes to children, there is nothing greater than the love of a mother. Nobody can replace a mother. Since childhood whenever we got hurt or cried, she was the first one whose name we called out. Mothers and their young ones share a special bond. She is the one person who would go to any length to ensure maximum safety of her babies. This motherly trait can not only be seen in humans but also in animals too. Mothers of any species will protect their little ones from dangerous situations and possible predators. But still, who would have imagined that a mama cat would go to such lengths to save her litter from a shelter in New Zealand?A mama cat gave birth to a litter of kittens on the streets of New Zealand. Sometimes, she had to leave them alone in search of food. Animals go hunting while their offspring wait for them to return with yummy food! The basic behavior and trait of any animal is passed on by the parents. It is not uncommon for a mother to leave her litter in search of food or water. But usually the mommy makes sure to hide her babies under a bush or some other safe place.

It’s not unusual for them to find orphaned babies because in many cases, the mother has died due to some accident or by becoming a victim of a predator. They did what was right and provided food, a safer environment and a possible loving family in the future. Hence, the little kitties were put up for adoption.

They were nowhere to be seen, but she just couldn’t give up. Mom was anxious and worried for her kittens. She looked around and tried her best to sniff their scent and locate them. However, all efforts were futile.

It’s still a mystery how she located the exact animal shelter in which her darlings were kept. The next day, she lurked outside the shelter anxiously. She was strategizing a rescue plan in the hopes of being reunited with her family. She was there to get her babies back and she was not going to leave without them. It took a little while for the people at the shelter to realize she could be their mother. When they came to the realization, they decided it was time to reunited her with her kittens.

She was so overwhelmed with emotions. She wanted to cuddle with them. The kittens were anxious too as they were facing separation anxiety. But everything seemed to be fine again as the family relaxed together. The kittens are lucky to have such a loving mother who didn’t give up until she was reunited with her fluff balls.