21 Mother's Day Fails That Are Comedy Gold.

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After months of procrastination, it all comes down to this sad scene the day before Mother’s Day.

It’s Mother’s Day! How difficult is it for some families to honor their moms and grandmothers? These ladies do everything like cooking, cleaning and working. They look after everyone when the whole family comes down with the flu. Is it really too much to expect kids to get it right one day out of the whole year and celebrate Mother’s Day the right way? Apparently, it is, which is fortunate for us because we have some of the most hilarious Mother’s Day fails ever. But it’s not so lucky for these poor moms!This is so typical. They say jump and you ask how high. But they wait until the very last day to get you something nice on Mother’s Day. Then they’re rushing to buy a card at the nearest Hallmark store. Classic!

We’re sure this note was written with tons of love, but it might make mom feel like a live-in chef.

If we were this mom, we’d be asking for a thank you for all the other things we do. This poor mom stays up late to help her kids finish their homework. She drives the kids to soccer practice. Mom should teach these adorable little rascals a lesson and not cook or clean for a whole week just so they learn that moms are more than just a full-time chef or a maid.
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Ask any mom and they’ll tell you that being one is often a thankless and exhausting job.

We don’t know what’s worse about this Mother’s Day fail. Is it that she got a sympathy card or that her husband scratched out “was” and wrote “is” on the card to remind his wife she wasn’t gone or forgotten?

Making a cake isn’t required for Mother’s Day, but if you’re set on giving her one, don’t give her this.

A box of cake mix with a big red candle and a cake pan isn’t the way to a mother’s heart. But it will likely lead to that candle being lit when she loses her cool and sparks start flying in anger for the ingratitude.

We doubt that this mom will be showing her face at the next PTA meeting after getting this card.

Mom was probably blushing after realizing that her child’s teacher and students saw this Mother’s Day card which makes fun of her out-of-control flatulence. Then again, she did raise her kids to be honest.

Mothers already know that they did something good when they had you, so there's no need to remind them.

Some would say this daughter is kind of full of herself. She congratulated her mother for creating her. Hasn’t this adorable and uber confident girl ever hear of flowers or a box of chocolates?
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Sometimes it’s the department stores that fail mothers everywhere and not the husbands or the kids.

Who on Earth would put a display on a shelf that says “for MOM... with love” in order to sell birth control items? For one thing, it’s a little late. Also, it’s more like the anti-Mother's Day gift no mom has ever asked for.

So, this may not exactly be the breakfast in bed you were expecting on Mother’s Day.

In this kid’s defense, tacos and apple sauce sound like a pretty awesome breakfast. But if this happens to you on Mother’s Day, just smile politely and suggest that you all head on over to IHOP for breakfast.
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We’re sure this kid didn’t know any better when he picked this photo for his Mother’s Day card.

He’s wearing a “My Dad Is My Hero” shirt in the photo. So, he’s practically dissing his poor old mom. But we hope the mom laughed the irony away, at least!

This kid must have heard and possibly seen how much his mom loves drinking red wine.

But writing what mom likes on a Mother’s Day card makes her come off like she needs to go to rehab. It would have been nicer to ask dad to spring for a bottle of red wine to put in the fridge as a surprise.

Sometimes, kids deserve points for putting a big effort into their gift even if their plans fail miserably.

If you have a working mom, make sure she actually goes into work before you send her some flowers for Mother’s Day. Otherwise, she’ll think you forgot about her until she comes back to work the following day.

According to the original Imgur post, this card had the kind of message no mom should ever read.

The card supposedly said, "I picked it because that show is for old people who still like cartoons, like you." Looks like this kid could benefit from taking some sensitivity training classes for his mother’s sake.

We can’t stress enough how important it is not to make the women in your life feel like housekeepers.

Buying mom, grandma, or your baby's momma a vacuum cleaner for Mother’s Day is the worst gift you could give her, especially if she happens to be carrying your child. Don’t mess with a mom who’s expecting.

Michael signed the Mother’s Day note (not a card) “Your one true son,” but that remains to be seen.

It looks like this mom might put dear old Michael up for adoption after he gifted her two packages of all-purpose flour and asked her to make some cookies. At least the big blue bow on top is pretty nice.

You’d expect this type of outdated gender implication in the ‘50s, ‘60s or ‘70s, but it’s almost 2020. C'mon!

No mother in the world would ever put cleaning supplies on their wish list. So, unless they ask (and they won’t), please refrain from gifting your mom cleaning items...unless you're doing it ironically. Then you're good to go!
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Adults think that taking a photo where they mirror their childhood selves is the ideal Mother’s Day gift.

It was sweet of them to try and recreate a cute photo of themselves in the bathtub.
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But they’re older now. So even though it’s not as adorable as it used to be, the end results are simply hilarious!

Maybe these guys should consider pitching in and getting her a paid trip to the Bahamas. Just saying!
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If your mom is a true “Game of Thrones” fan, then a dragon cake is perfect for your Mother of Dragons.

But if your ability to cook is limited to making toast, then you might want to leave the baking to a professional and order it pre-made. It’ll keep your heart from breaking when she asks, “What is it?”

This would have been a perfect gourmet breakfast if you’re a five-year-old and not a grown-up.

It turns out that Eggos don’t really cook well when you use Fruit roll Ups as a pan instead of putting the meal in an actual metal pan to cook. Oh, well, at least the kid tried. You can fault them for that, right? But you could have them clean the mess they made.

Once again, the whole cleaning supply gift rears its vicious and ugly little head on Mother’s Day.

This mom has five kids, but none of them considered brainstorming a better gift idea than a sponge and dishwashing detergent. Too bad kids don’t come with a gift receipt!
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This kid didn’t have a conventional gift, but he did give mom a big dose of truth on Mother’s Day.

Thanks to this kid’s honesty, everyone knows that mom doesn’t like dad all that much, but thankfully she loves hugs. So, hopefully, the kid will keep that in mind and give her one on her special day. Sounds like she’ll need it.

Even the best intentions can backfire when you’re trying to send flowers to your dear old mother.

At least this daughter remembered to send her mom some flowers. The only hiccup in her plan is that she sent it to herself by accident which must have been quite a surprise, but not the way she expected.