This Pug Riding His Motorbike Is Seriously ‘Easy Rider.’

This Pug Riding His Motorbike Is Seriously ‘Easy Rider.’ November 20, 2017

Pugs are known as a playful breed. The canine may be small in size but they make it up by being strong-willed and highly intelligent. It should come as no surprise when we see them try to behave more human than dog. Last month was National Pug Day and we showed you a [clip][1] of one pooch and his puppy riding a PlasmaCar. Their stubborn nature may explain the pair’s new video. The duo is back again with dad upgrading to a cool, red motorcycle. His offspring is still trying to keep up by running after him. The puppy may need to earn the right to take over the wheel. While for papa, he’s already mastered two modes of transportation. We cannot wait to see what he has in mind to ride next. Let’s just hope their humans capture it on video. [1]: http://www.lifebuzz.com/pug-ride/