The Biggest Movie Blunders That Made It To The Final Cut.

The Biggest Movie Blunders That Made It To The Final Cut. November 27, 2019

Movies have the ability to help us forget about our everyday lives and take us to the past, the future, or even to another planet. But the people making the film are only human, which means they’ll make mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes don’t end up on the editing floor. So here are the biggest movie mistakes that made it to a theater near you.

The 2017 film, “The Mummy” was an epic failure for Tom Cruise. The effects were great, but the historical inaccuracies may have played a role in the film’s demise. Just look at Princess Ahmanet, who was first in line succeed her dad. But in ancient Egypt, only men could become pharaohs. Now, if you love 80s flicks, then you’ll know what movie this iconic scene came from.

In a pivotal scene in “Back to the Future,” Marty McFly gets on stage at the Enchanted Under The Sea school dance, and uses a Gibson ES-345 to play “Johnny B. Goode” in 1955. But the song and the guitar didn’t come out until 1955. Now the next film’s main character will probably continue to haunt your dreams, but when you learn about these mistakes, you might feel a little less scared.

We love “Jaws” even though it scared the bejesus out of us. But the shark antagonist in the film has some traits that real sharks don’t. For one thing, they don’t growl because they don’t have vocal chords. They also don’t swim in reverse the way Jaws did. But the movie is still terrifying anyway. Now, when you learn about the giant hiccup in this next film, it’ll change the way you feel about it.

“Braveheart” was the Scottish origin story that made have made Mel Gibson famous. But there was an inaccuracy in the film that likely ticked a lot of Scottish people off. In the film, William Wallace and his friends wore kilts, but kilts weren’t even worn until the 17th century, four centuries after the movie’s events. This next scene from a popular movie will likely make you wish that you could actually change your shipping provider for good.

In “Castaway,” Tom Hanks names a volleyball Wilson and uses it and other things on the island to keep himself entertained. In one scene, he also finds lots of FedEx boxes floating in the water. But when he opens them, the stuff inside isn’t wet, even though those boxes aren’t waterproof. Now, we can’t blame you if you didn’t like this next movie as much as its other predecessors… maybe it was the inaccuracies that made you hate it.

In the third Indiana Jones film, Indiana has to confront Nazis. But the only problem with that is that the war didn’t happen until 1939, a year after the events of the movie take place. And yet, we see Nazi soldiers with war medals on their uniforms. Have you ever asked yourself how they keep babies from crying when shooting a movie? This next one may give you the answers you seek.

In “American Sniper,” Bradley Cooper plays a dad, who is seen holding a baby. But in one scene, you can clearly tell that what he was holding was a doll, and not a real baby. It looks like producers couldn’t get an actual baby for the role. But you don’t have to be a genius to spot the fake baby, anyone can, and everyone did. Now, if you’re a Bratt Pitt fan, you probably didn’t notice the insane number of mistakes that this next film had.

In the film “Troy,” viewers saw Paris’ chariot sporting a pink parasol while he and Helen rode through the city. But the film takes place in the 12th Century B.C. Somehow, the producers didn’t do their homework and realized that it would be another 8 centuries before parasols would be invented. After you read this next movie, you’ll be praying for a sequel.

In “The Sound of Music,” there’s a geographical oopsie that could have literally taken the film in a tragic direction. Towards the end, the Von Trapps are hiking through the hills of Obersalzburg, Germany in an attempt to escape the Nazis. But the hills are actually where Hitler’s Bavarian hiding spot is located. In other words, they were headed straight for danger. For this next film, you probably won’t be bothered too much by these next mistakes.

The film, “Jonah Hex,” based on the graphic novel stars Megan Fox, who is so sexy that they put her in an outfit that showed way more than any woman would be allowed to show in that time period. Then again, they probably wanted to sell more tickets. The real issue, however, is that the dress doesn’t fully cover Megan’s tattoo of her husband’s name “Brian.” Now in this next film, you’ll have to look very closely to notice this major blunder.

The musical, “La La Land,” made music fans jump for joy. The opening scene with the dangers using cars as props was a major undertaking. But if you watch closely, you’ll notice that some of the vehicles already had dents on the roofs even before the cast started doing their dance number. For this one, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’d already heard some interesting facts about this film, but not this one in particular.

“Forrest Gump” was fun because we got to see Tom Hanks interacting with real-life events. But there are a few things that simply don’t make sense. One of them is the fact that Forrest got a letter from Apple regarding stocks that Lt. Dan got for him. You may have noticed the rainbow logo, which wasn’t created until 1977, that’s two years after the end of the movie’s events. If you hate spelling errors, then this next film will really have your panties in a bunch.

In “The Dark Knight Rises,” viewers may notice a Gotham Times newspaper headline with the word hiest, instead of heist. Whoever wrote that headline for the film should have a spellchecker, but we’re surprised no one caught that spelling mistake. This next movie may be your favorite, but clearly, not because of all the historical mistakes in the film.

In “Gladiator,” Maximus, is referred to a couple of times as “The Spaniard.” But the film takes place in 180 A.D. The term “Spaniard” wasn’t coined until the 1300s. Another issue the movie had was the fact that Maximus wore lycra under his outfit, which wasn’t invented in 180 A.D. But the movie was still pretty epic, so all is forgiven. The next time you watch this film, see if you notice this major mistake lurking around in the background.

The 2003 film “Pirates of the Caribbean,” was a huge success. But in the midst of this incredible story-telling, no one managed to explain why there was a cowboy in the 18th century Caribbean waters. But even though cowboys are from the Wild West, that’s what audiences saw in the film.