These Abandoned Movie Sets Are Hauntingly Beautiful.

These Abandoned Movie Sets Are Hauntingly Beautiful. March 3, 2017

The most iconic, memorable films don’t just have an amazing plot or an incredible set of characters: They also have jaw-dropping scenery. These visually striking environments are sometimes even the most memorable aspects of the film, such as the sleepy Southern swamps of *Big Fish* or the midwestern flatlands of *Field of Dreams.* But what happens to the set after the filming is over? Due to the high cost of disassembly, many of our favorite movie sets are simply left behind when the camera stops rolling. Some of them fall into disrepair, and others, such as the rolling hills of Hobbiton, become popular tourist attractions. Here, we have a series of amazing photographs of leftover sets from some of you favorite films – **The *Schindler’s List* set is really surprising.**