Mr Bean Got Photoshopped Onto Famous Characters, And It’s Comedy Gold.

Mr Bean Got Photoshopped Onto Famous Characters, And It’s Comedy Gold. March 31, 2019

Everyone knows who Mr. Bean is. Even if the name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ll instantly recognize his face. He does, after all, have one of the funniest faces of all time. Even though his character doesn’t talk much, he never fails to make us laugh. Because he has such an infamous face, people have decided to photoshop it into various images. You’ll see photos of Mr. Bean as a gladiator to Lord Voldemort to one of the Na’vi from *Avatar*. The possibilities are endless. The best part: so many of these photoshopped photos look real.Didn’t know Mr. Bean had such a nice body underneath all those clothes.

He actually looks quite handsome and dashing in this photo.

“I be so sexy, and deadly.” Deadly, yes, sexy, not so sure.

That’s funny, I could have sworn the leading female role in “Transformers” was Megan Fox.

Further known as The Incredible Bean. Don’t get him mad or you’ll regret it.

Was looking for a Mr. Bean avatar for forum use and definitely did not expect this.

Not to be confused with “Woman With the Veil,” this is a completely different painting.

This one has definitely got to be one of my favorites. Perfect Bella replacement.

Ok, I definitely need to see this episode! Who knows which season it’s in?

He’s better than Mad Max. Don’t mess with Mr. Bean and his crew or you’re in trouble.

The scary thing is, I could actually see this working. I wonder if they ever considered him for casting.

You know, that captain from “Pirates of the Carib-Bean.”

Such a beautiful and mysterious smile. That is a woman you can’t forget.

Didn’t know the Queen of England had such an enthusiastic vibe.

Wow, CGI did such a good job at turning Mr. Bean into a child.

It is absolutely terrifying how well they photoshopped this photo.

When you know that you’re better than everyone else.

Does anyone else think that this is the cutest Voldemort ever? How can anyone fear him?

“I betth thou can not doth what thee is doingth.” That is what I imagine would come out of this lady.

“One Bean to rule them all, One Bean to find them, One Bean to bring them all and in the darkness bind them In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.”

Don’t judge him by his face, he has the ability to save this world when it’s in danger.

He looks so at peace while getting his ear chewed off. He must be so zen.

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!” And we believe it.

The beans are coming!! Hurry everyone, go into hiding before it’s too late.

“How’d I get into this mess anyway?” His face says it all.