According To Steve Hilton, Outcome Of Russian Lie Was Loss Of Confidence In America’s Democracy.

According To Steve Hilton, Outcome Of Russian Lie Was Loss Of Confidence In America’s Democracy. March 25, 2021

Over the last few years, the Democrats have told the American people that President Trump was unlawfully elected because of his collusion with Russia. According to Robert Mueller, the Democrats have been lying the entire time.

When the Democrats accused President Trump and his team of criminal conspiracy to steal the election and destroy democracy, well, Robert Mueller has stated that was a lie, as well. According to Mueller, it was also a lie when the Democrats accused Donald Trump of obstructing justice to cover up his crimes.

For years, the Democrats have tried to paint the worst possible picture of President Trump, and once again, they’ve been proved wrong. Hoping that Robert Mueller would uncover what they tried to pass off as the truth, Democrats will be sadly mistaken to find out that Mueller only found fault in the Democrats.

Ever since Trump won the election, Democrats have been blasting the American people with lie after lie. After years of investigation, Mueller has finally determined that it was all a lie. The collusion with Russia, the conspiracies— they’re all lies.

Obviously, this isn’t the first time that a political party has been unified through a lie. When George W. Bush was president the establishment took America to war based on a complete lie.

This time, unfortunately, the Democrats almost caused a civil war within our very own country. Sadly, while Democrats tried to destroy President Trump, they destroyed the confidence that Americans have in the government.

The past two years have created nothing but chaos and division within the country. Half of the country believes that President Trump is a secret agent for Russia. And the other half has lost their confidence and trust in the FBI, the Justice Department, National Intelligence, and the CIA. The Democratic establishment has made a mockery out of the justice system while claiming that they were fighting for it.

Now that they’ve excelled at dividing the country, and tearing apart the POTUS in the process, Trump has plenty to say on the matter. “This should never happen to another president, what happened to me. They came up with an excuse for losing an election. This should never happen to another president,” said President Trump.

Of course, the Democrats are saying that Mueller’s report isn’t the end of the investigation into Trump. Regardless of what Mueller has to say about his investigation, the Democrats will find some way to keep throwing blame in Trump’s direction.

It’s painfully clear that the Democrats don’t really care about the rules of law. It’s obvious that they don’t care about smearing people’s names or reputations. The only thing Democrats care about is their own agenda, and they don’t care who or what they trample over to get what they want, including the American justice system