Mummified ‘Non Human’ Corpse Found Near Mysterious Nazca Carvings.

Mummified ‘Non Human’ Corpse Found Near Mysterious Nazca Carvings. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Do you believe in life on other planets? There have certainly been so many sightings, and thanks to eyewitness accounts and stories from alien abductees, we can safely assume that creatures from outer space aren’t little green men from Mars. Well, recently, scientists discovered the remains of a creature from thousands of years ago in South America. At first, the lucky person who found it assumed it was the body of a human, but when he checked the hands of the corpse, he nearly died from the shock.

But there was a recent discovery that has left the scientific community speechless. In fact, there’s a good chance that it could give us a different insight into ancient civilizations, and change history as we know it.

This region is known for alleged unusual alien activity. But unlike conventional Egyptian mummies, this creature was preserved quite differently.

For starters, it was unlike any human corpse anyone had ever seen before, and as scientists probed deeper, they realized that this creature might not actually be from Earth at all.

The archaeologists found petroglyphs, symbolic rock engravings near the discovery site, which suggested that aliens had indeed visited our world.

The most noticeable feature about the corpse was the fact that it had three toes on each foot, as oppose to the ten humans have in total.

It was curled up into a ball like a frightened child that was scared or crying. Did it die in captivity, terrified, and far from his own kind?

From what they could ascertain, the humanoid alien measure over 1.67 meters, his eyes were bigger than those of humans. It was quite eerily similar in appearance to the alien creatures seen on “The X-Files” or described by real-life abductee Whitley Strieber.

It also had a more prominent skull than humans. It was also missing any noticeable nose or ears and both its hands and feet were larger and have three fingers and toes.

They also believe that these extraterrestrials helped ancient civilizations to make several discoveries that pushed humanity towards a significant development.

Scientists believe that the alien was alive between the years 245 and 410 AD, which would certainly corroborate the theory that these creatures lived among us.

Until now, everyone assumed that crop circles were hoaxes and that the carvings were the result of a primitive culture who was trying to explain away at something it didn’t understand, but this creature certainly squashes that theory.

Could it be a primitive human with deformities? Certain birth defects can create unusual growths in the human body that can mimic an otherworldly appearance.

For one thing, carbon dating evidence needed to be obtained, and was successfully made through scans and x-rays.

The GAIA group has allegedly conducted DNA testing and has determined that the creature may have been female based.

After attracting a series of scientists and professors from places like the Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, experts now say that it is a hoax.

But it became clear that someone manipulated a real mummy to look strange and exotic by adding extra bones.

But it had various strange features like an elongated head for example. The body was also covered in white dust.

The dust wasn’t the result of a dried up body, but rather plaster. Nigel Watson, an alleged expert on extraterrestrial matters, assured everyone that this is a false creature because it seems that they finished putting plaster on it.

For one thing, UFO promoter Jaime Maussan, who lost all his credibility as a journalist after promoting hoaxes as genuine, was involved. Also, the GAIA group revealed the discovered with no signs of reputable scientific expertise.

The tests conducted has not been made available to anyone else in the scientific community. So do aliens exist? That’s open to debate. Was this particular find an alien corpse, probably not. It’s become clear that someone has plundered the remains of actual humans to create this elaborate hoax.

Check out the video of this ground breaking discovery in Nazca and figure out for yourself whether humanity has just uncovered its first alien corpse, or if it’s just another elaborate lie.

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