Biting Your Nails Says Something VERY Specific About Your Personality.

Biting Your Nails Says Something VERY Specific About Your Personality. February 3, 2019

Whenever you are around a large group of people you will undoubtedly find someone in the pack that will bite their nails. You’ll notice it because they are either doing it at that moment or you can see the signs of it on their hands. Doctors have been curious about it for a long time so a group of them in Montreal did a study and they discovered a lot of different things. There was one thing that most nail biters all had in common though, that’s perfectionism. They found that most people that bite their nails are perfectionists, which isn’t a bad thing at all, but there are several other things that come with that trait that aren’t so good. A perfectionist may have trouble working at a “normal” pace or they may show more signs of frustration than others. This would come from setting goals for themselves and then not being able to reach them. If the frustration becomes a normal thing it could easily help a person slide into depression. Setting goals that are more attainable is a good way to stop this from happening. Perfectionists, or nail biters, seem to have an urge to do something and be rewarded for it. Biting a nail into what they deem a good place or shape could fall into this category of a self reward.Nail biting is such a common habit that most of us don’t even pay attention to it when someone is doing it. It’s nothing out of the ordinary at all.

Doctors have been curious about what it stems from or what it causes. They found one major common denominator.

Most of the nail biters you will come across are perfectionists. The nail biting is an urge and the perfectionist does it to receive a self reward for satisfying the urge.

The perfectionism trait can directly lead to other traits. Being this way can lead to a lot of frustration and impatience.

Being a perfectionist doesn’t just fall on nail biters. The researchers found that any “body-repetitive” behavior, such a twirling hair or picking at skin, can also be the sign of a perfectionist.

Nail biters should be a little easier on themselves. Setting lofty goals is okay, but don’t let the frustration get too consuming if you don’t reach them.

However, don’t take it too far. If frustration comes about too often from not reaching lofty goals it can lead to depression and a lot of other negativity. Setting goals that are more attainable is a good way to combat this.

You never know what is on or under those nails so be careful and pay attention. Washing your hands quite often is a good trait to pick up.

A lot of perfectionists have a hard time working at just a normal pace. It’s part of the “drive” that they have. Does Gomez have that drive?

When a perfectionist is focusing on something the finger can go right up to the mouth without even realizing it. A lot of people do it so often they don’t even realize it when it’s happening because it’s so routine for them.