You Will Be Amazed To Know What Your Nail Shape Say About Your Personality

You Will Be Amazed To Know What Your Nail Shape Say About Your Personality November 27, 2017

Did you know that nail shape can tell interesting facts about your personality? Here’s a guide for you that will explain you the different shapes of nails and their predictions about your personality. You will be simply amazed after reading this.See what nail shape you have, and find out amazing facts about your personality.

Stiletto nails also known as pointy nails, are usually worn by people who usually focus on their own lives/selves and do not really care much about others.

People with stiletto nails seem to be self-centered, yet it is only because they only revolve around themselves and are fixed on their own problems.

Shaping the nails like this is generally done in order to avoid cracking the nails, so far their personality is concerned they tend to be look for safer ways of doing things.

The shape of these nails usually tells that these people are do not tend to take any unnecessary risks.

Square nails are a sign of modern person and who tends to have good taste. The square shape nail is similar to the natural shape of the nail.

Girls with square nails are usually very realistic and down to earth.

Nails that are damaged are a big sign of anxiety and nervousness. People who suffer from anxiety tend to chew or bite their nails all the time.

These nails are also a sign of people who are deep thinkers.

Almond shape nails are rounded at the tip, but remains to have a sharp shape.

People with almond nails can be described as “Still waters run deep”.

This is the old school shape of nails that young girls usually avoid. People having square-oval nails tend to care less about what others think of them and care more on how to express themselves.

People with squoval nails are known as the good type for a relationship.

A strong and independent woman chooses the oval shape of nails much more often than the other shapes.

It is generally said that this shape of nails is for the power woman.