How You Sign Your Name Says Revealing Things About Your Personality.

How You Sign Your Name Says Revealing Things About Your Personality. July 6, 2018

It’s the most normal, mundane thing in the world: Signing your name to a paper, contract, receipt, or card is something most of us do thousands of times in our lives, usually without thinking too much about it. And yet, despite the fact that each signature is unique, we never really stop to think about what that signature could mean about our personalities, habits, or other characteristics. As it turns out, your signature style could mean much more than you think. Whether it slants right, slopes down, is large or small, or has punctuation — these are all characteristics that could be indicative of your personality. Before reading this post, grab a piece of paper and quickly scrawl your usual signature. Then read through each of these signature style descriptions and find which one matches you best. What you find might surprise you — and make you think about your signature in a whole new light.If your signature slopes downward, it could mean that you like to live life on the cautious side, and could even indicate that you’re slightly pessimistic. Alternately, if your signature slants upwards, it suggests you’re more ambitious and look towards the future.

If you sign with your initials, this is a sign that you’re a private person who doesn’t share that much about themselves. Think about it: If you withhold your name, what other things do you like to hide?

Underlining a signature suggests that you might believe in yourself, as it indicates an air of self-importance around your achievements.

Right-slanting signatures indicate an outgoing and sunny personality, done by someone who isn’t afraid to put themselves out there.

This is a balanced way to sign your name, which means that your personality might be the same. You don’t like to mess around with insignificant details: You prefer to be straightforward.

No, it doesn’t mean that you’re dumb or lazy: In fact, quite the opposite. This kind of signature indicates that you’re busy, sharp, and most likely intelligence.

A signature like this means you like to make a statement, which explains why it’s preferred by creative types like musicians and graffiti artists.

This certainly might be true for Barack Obama (he is the president after all), but the strong start to his signature apparently means he strives to make his presence felt.

According to some experts, this kind of signature suggests you think personal accomplishments are very important. It might also point to the fact that you’re easy to approach.

And of course, the most famous member of the swopping signature camp? John Hancock, bold signer of the Declaration of Independence.

This little flourish suggests a proactive person with a lot of drive and determination, ready to take on new challenges.

This means you have a relaxed approach to business, preferring instead to keep things on a personal and social level.

This is supposed to suggest you have a strong sense of optimism, and that you approach tasks with positive outcomes in mind.

If you do this, it could indicate that you prefer to see things through all the way, and rarely quit a task before it’s finished.

Think about it: The dot on the “i” is a small detail, and skipping it could indicate that you’re more about the overall goal than the details that happen along the way.