Baby Got A Black Eye From Something That’ll Change The Way You Parent.

Baby Got A Black Eye From Something That’ll Change The Way You Parent. July 7, 2018

Parents with toddlers know what it’s like to be on high alert, every moment their toddler is awake. One wrong move or oversight can result in serious injury, or even death — that’s why kids who are on the move need to be watched at all times. You’d think that the one respite from that reality is when the child lies down for a nap, a moment or two when the parents can know their kid is safe so they can collect their bearings. This story proves that even nap time might not be safe — in fact, it may have dangers you never knew existed. This is the story of how one three-year-old girl went down for a nap and, awhile later, woke up lying critically injured in her driveway. It wasn’t the fault of the parents or the child, but does call to attention some precautions that should be taken in every child’s room. See more of the story below.Minutes later, she was disturbed by someone knocking loudly at her front door. She ignored it at first, thinking it was a salesman.

“I started to get a little frustrated,” Boone said. “I was like ‘who is banging on my door that hard?’ but by the time I even got half way there … she stormed in and she said, ‘I think your daughter fell, I think she fell.’”

That’s where Amber found her daughter, lying on the pavement below, unable to move.

As you can see, her injuries are very severe.

Luckily, she made it out alive.

And it’s hard to believe it’s all because of a routine afternoon nap.

The doctors explained that injuries just like hers, or worse, were very common, as many children actually fall out of their bedroom windows.

Curious, she made her way towards the window and presumably climbed up to the sill.

She was lucky, but not every toddler is. That’s why raising awareness is so important.

She wanted to make sure that no mother had to experience what she’d been through with her little girl.

“Windows are dangerous, [guards] should be the number one thing that is on all baby registries,” Boone said.

But if you can’t do that, at least do so in the baby’s room, where they will go unsupervised while playing or napping.

So if you’ve got kids, do your research and find out which one might work best for you.

After experiencing firsthand what can happen, they’re committed to raising awareness about the issue.

That despite her scary fall, the littlest Boone is going to be okay.