15 Adorable Tots Who Will Make You Green With Envy Because Of Their Hair.

15 Adorable Tots Who Will Make You Green With Envy Because Of Their Hair. June 1, 2021

Expectant mothers always wonder what their newborns will look like. Some infants are born bald, some are born with a little bit of fuzz, and then there are those babies who are born with the best hair ever. The reason that babies are born with massive manes and others are born bald as a cueball is still unknown, but it’s safe to say that that genetics and chromosomes have a role in it. Keep scrolling to check out these beautiful babies who hit the genetic lottery in the hair department.If you’re a believer of old wives’ tales, then this baby’s mother must have been miserable with heartburn.

Then there are some who are born looking a bit like Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf.

Even though the parents knew from the ultrasound about her hair, it was still a shock to see such a big head of hair on a newborn.

“We were expecting to see a bald head or perhaps a little fluff. When she came out with a hair helmet, we couldn’t believe it,” said the father.

This beautiful little lady is obviously following her mother’s steps very closely.

While most children in diapers have very little hair, she’s blessed with a full head of healthy thick hair.

Go ahead admit it, you’d do just about anything to have a head of hair like hers.

Definitely a cute little guy with those green eyes and red hair!

There’s no denying that the dark thick hair certainly helps make this baby look even cuter.

A quiff was a popular hairstyle from the ’50s that combined a flattop and a pompadour.

This is the whitest, prettiest hair I’ve ever seen!

The mother said, ‘Everyone says how he looks like a little rock star. He looks like he should be a member of Oasis, he’s even got little sideburns.”

There’s no way that anyone could have a bad day after being around a smile like that.

Just look at his adorable little expression and those curly locks!

She was born to be a little punk rocker. She’s too cute!