Wife Didn’t Expect To Hear This When Her Navy Husband Returned From Sea.

Wife Didn’t Expect To Hear This When Her Navy Husband Returned From Sea. October 11, 2020

It’s impossible to describe the way one feels when they hold their child for the very first time. But for Navy Lieutenant Michael Lemmons the feeling was unfamiliar. As a matter of fact, he never even realized he was going to experience this. When Lemmons came home after being out at sea for 8 months, he was exhausted.

Ask any military family and they’ll tell you that having one of their own deployed is difficult, especially if the person is a parent. Over 40% of children in military families are less than 6 years old. That’s a crucial period in a child’s life. They rely on their parents for physical and emotional support. But when a soldier is shipped off, they must say goodbye to their family. Most don’t even know if they’ll even return in one piece. Fortunately, Lieutenant Lemmons did come home, and when he did, he realized he had the power to blow her away with a few powerful words.

The family that gets left behind doesn’t have it easy. They have to find a way to carry on until their loved one returns home. This is particularly difficult and stressful since the person has to be there 200% for their loved ones. But Michael Lemmon’s wife found her husband’s deployment more difficult because she had another man in her life.

Lt. Lemmons of the United States Navy understands that being in the service isn’t always easy, but the honor is too high to pass up. Plus, his sacrifice ensures his family gets to live comfortably. So, giving this life up isn’t really an option. Lemmons and 27 of his fellow crew members were excited as the USS John C. Stennis returned home. The officers would finally reunite with their families. Many even had newborn babies. But Lemmons wife, Holly was overwhelmed by his compassion!

Holly Lemmons told her husband the news that she was pregnant 48 hours before he was deployed. As she desperately waited for her husband to come ashore, she explained, “I think we found out about the baby and that we found out that they moved the deployment up by about five months.” Holly never thought she would wind up raising her baby all on her own, at least, for the first few months. That’s when Lt. Lemmons realized his mistake.

Holly and Michael have three kids. Samantha is the eldest. Then there’s Michael Jr. While Lieutenant Lemmons was serving overseas, his wife popped out a baby boy named Hunter Ethan Lemmons. But in a military marriage, the call of duty takes priority. However, Lemmons appreciated that this wasn’t easy for his wife. So, as his ship docked, he knew he had to do something special.

The USS John C. Stennis was finally home, and sadly, Lemmons and some of his crew members had missed the birth of their children while they were deployed. So naturally, everyone was eager to be dismissed, so they could reunite with their families and meet their loved ones and new babies. A reporter at the scene claimed that the crew had waited a long time, but “not for a reunion, but to say their first hello” to their babies.

Once the ship docked at the Naval Station in Bremerton, Washington, Lemmon’s wife spotted her husband from the rest of the crowd. It’s safe to safe that military homecomings always bring a tear to our eyes, but this one was extra special. The reaction Michael Lemmons had as he reunited with his wife and met his new baby boy was absolutely adorable.

Lemmons’ children were the first to spot their father as the officers came to shore. His son, Michael Junior, noticed him right away and shouted, “There he is!” Then, Holly told Samantha, her eldest child, to let him know where she and the new baby were standing. The girl eagerly did what her mother asked and ran over to give her father a hug.

Lieutenant Michael Lemmons dashed on over to see his wife. He hadn’t seen her in months, so his eyes immediately lit up, and he couldn’t contain his emotions. So, he blurted four words that made his homecoming even more touching. “He’s perfect. Thank you.” He gave his wife a kiss, and she was simply overwhelmed from all the emotions.

Holly Lemmons started to cry when she heard the way her husband had expressed his gratitude. Michael Lemmons understood that raising a family all alone wasn’t easy on his wife. She not only took care of their two kids, but she had also endured childbirth too. So, he desperately wanted her to know how grateful he felt and how proud he was for his wife handling things the way she did. The recognition was beyond anything she could have hoped for. She did a lot while her husband was busy serving in the Navy. But she never complained once about how difficult it was. However, his words and the moment were magical.

Lemmons and his wife embraced each other, while the newborn was sandwiched between them. The family circle was finally complete. But sadly, Lt. Lemmons happiness is temporary. His shore leave was short, so the Naval officer planned to spend as much time with his family as he can, especially his newborn baby. This will allow his wife to get a peaceful night’s sleep for a change. But those four words he told his wife when he first saw her held a more powerful meaning than he could have possibly realized.