25 Job Fails That Are So AWFUL You Shouldn’t Laugh… But Totally Will.

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This hard working security guard.

Some people hate their job and dread waking up every morning because of it. Others actually love their job and look forward to attending work every day. But who cares whether you hate or love your job, the real question is are you good at it? Some people are just born destined to do certain things and have a calling in life. Michael Jordan was meant to play basketball. Picasso was meant to paint. Beyonce was meant to sing and become an entertainer. You get my point. Well, just like the people mentioned above, all the people below have too found their calling. They're so good at their jobs that it's hilarious. Let's just hope they never quit.

These resourceful teachers.

This awesome and selfless firefighter.

This attention-to-detail UPS driver.

The comedian who creates the produce descriptions.


The person who drew this incredibly accurate portrait of a suspect.


The creative street namer.

This incredibly safe and cautious construction worker.

The person who obviously spell checks every time before he puts permanent words into cement.


The person finally put the monkey tail on the correct side.



The brilliant artist who did this beautiful tiling job.

The greatest airport security ever.

This One Direction artist who really captures each band member's facial features.

The master chef who assembled this burger.

Yup, mayo definitely goes on last.

The security guard who just makes everyone feel more safe.

The ideal cubicle worker in the office.

Looks like card games at work are common.

This wonderful mailman.

These sales associates who always keeps the aisles clean and top notch.

The guy who designed this backpack.

Yeah, I see nothing wrong here.


The guy who was in charge of all the scary CGI dinosaurs.


The person who clearly knows how and where to plant trees.


Whoever decides what goes where in this store.

It's almost time to go back to school, you know what that means...


The genius architect who decided a gym needed escalators.

But in all seriousness...