8 Things You Shouldn’t Wear On A Flight, According To Flight Attendants.

8 Things You Shouldn’t Wear On A Flight, According To Flight Attendants. June 10, 2021

Are you about to hop on a plane? Then you might want to grab a notepad and write down these 8 items you should get, and 8 you should avoid like the plague. Dressing appropriately, (and comfortably!) should be your number one priority. But let’s face it! When we’re about to go on vacations, the last thing we care about is what we’re planning on wearing on the plane. We’re too busy trying to figure out what essentials to pack. But if you want to look stylish, travel comfortably, and go through customs without a care in the world, then take a look at these insider tips.Being comfortable and stylish is possible, it just takes a little bit of planning. But when you’re traveling by plane, you need to keep in mind that bulky jewelry and metallic accessories can trigger the metal detectors to go off and slow you down. And if you’re wearing any type of jewelry that could potentially be used as a weapon, you might raise a few flags at security screening. Keep your belt, earrings, necklace, and rings in your carry-on bag and keep it simple. If you need an extra “oomph” to finish off your look, tie a silk scarf around your neck or on your bag. Fabric is pretty much harmless. You could also tie your hair and wrap your silk scarf around it for an elevated look.

Not only could it potentially make the flight even more uncomfortable, but it could potentially lead to cramping as super tight leggings and jeans are too constrictive. Move around a bit and take a few breaks to avoid this. Instead of going for the tightest yoga pants or skinny jeans, go for a long maxi dress, a long skirt, leggings with an elastic band, or cigarette pants. Any of these items will make you look put together and stylish, without having to sacrifice being comfy.

There you are, standing at the airport, wondering why you didn’t grab a sports bra that morning instead of going for your sexiest Victoria’s Secret bra. It’s not like people were going to judge what you’re wearing underneath your clothes, right? One of the worst things you can wear when flying is an uncomfortable bra with hooks and underwire. Go for a tank top or a sports bra with no seams. You’ll be glad you did when you’re mid-flight, trust us!

Wearing a revealing tiny tank top and shorts is great when you’re at the beach. But mid-flight? Not a great idea! Flights get chilly, so the last thing you want is to be shivering all the way to your destination. Plus, your outfit might be offensive in some cultures, so it’s best to keep it safe. And according to Taylor Garland, who’s the strategic public relations coordinator for the Association of Flight Attendants, being well-dressed is the easiest ways to get an upgrade when flying. So make sure to wear tons of layers. Start off with a tank top or t-shirt, add a thin sweater on top, and then another layer, (which could be a coat or a jacket) That way, you can remove items as it gets hotter, or put them on if the A/C temperature is too cold.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, the same can be said about fragrance smells. You might get a kick every time you put on your favorite perfume, but with the rise of fragrance sensitivities, you might accidentally be triggering allergies or even cause someone to get an asthma attack. Instead of dousing yourself in perfume, leave your EDP in your carry on bag, and put on some deodorant in the morning to stay fresh on the flight.

High heels can elevate anything you’re wearing, but they slow you down, and they could potentially puncture the slide if there’s an emergency onboard. As for flip flops? No one wants to stare at a stranger’s bare feet, for starters. Not only are feet a total eyesore, but you wouldn’t be able to sprint or run if you’re about to miss your flight. Plus, flip flops can slide off your feet easily, and you’ll be exposed to the trillions of germs that are swarming on every corner in the airport. So what are the best in-flight shoes? Well, according to Garland, anything you can lace up, like sneakers, booties, and lace-up ankle boots are all you need.

According to The National Transportation Safety Board, over 60% of plane crash fatalities result in deaths because of post-crash fires. Apparently, the impact of the crash isn’t what could potentially do you in. So if you’re wearing any fabrics that are too flammable, they won’t allow air to circulate and you might meet your maker in the event there’s an accident. Go for cotton t-shirts, silk, linen, or wool and anything that allows air to flow.

The only problem is, they’re way too big and take up too much space in the overhead compartment. You won’t even get to shove them in your carry-on bag. And if it’s hot for a jacket that size, you’ll have to carry them everywhere, which will get exhausting after spending a couple of hours at the airport. Instead, wear an all-season jacket that’s warm enough for winter, but not too heavy and thick for spring.

When you’re sitting around for too many hours, your legs can swell up and cut your blood flow. Thankfully, compression socks come in many levels of tightness and can help decompress and increase blood flow, which reduces the risk of getting blood clots. It also helps with swollen feet, which is a total plus!