9 Reasons Why 2016 Is Going To Be A Great Year For Tourism.

9 Reasons Why 2016 Is Going To Be A Great Year For Tourism. January 6, 2018

2016 is going to be a big year — and not just because of all of those badass resolutions that you made and are definitely going to keep. All across the world, amusement parks, convention centers, and museums are being built, each one of them more epic than the last. Below are nine of the best attractions opening in 2016, some of them years in the making. Check them out below and start planning your new year vacations. You’ll never guess which new amusement park is building a *Hunger Games* attraction that will blow your mind.The Louvre Abu Dhabi has had major delays in construction, but is scheduled to open up at the end of 2016. Inside, there will be approximately 65,000 square feet of permanent installation space.

Shanghai Disneyland will open in 2016, featuring six themed zones. The most elaborate area is Treasure Cove, which is all about recreating the experiences from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

2016 will see the opening of San Francisco’s 10-story SFMOMA will be the largest modern art museum in the United States — surpassing even the MoMA in New York City.

In 2016, Sydney is getting a massive convention center, along with its largest luxury hotel. The structures will flank a larger complex with offices, residential space, and shopping.

Finally opening in Kentucky, the Ark Encounter will allow visitors to “enjoy” a simulated reenactment of the great flood, from the story of Moses in the Bible. Opening this year, the structure cost $92 to build.

Opening in September of this year, Doha Festival City will feature 550 shops, 100 cafes and restaurants, a hotel and convention center and two entertainment zones. And there’s more: There’s an outdoor amusement park and indoor snow park for skiing and sledding.

Motiongate, pictured, is one of three themed zones that will make up the massive Dubai Parks & Resorts. The park is unique in that it will have the world’s very first Hunger Games attraction.

The Palestinian Museum will open in 2016 as well. It cost $30 million to build, and the museum will be dedicated to Palestinian art and culture. The facility will be located on the West Bank of Jerusalem.

Despite corruption scandals, soccer fans are certain to flock to the FIFA World Football Museum. The museum will open in Zurich early this year.