These 24 Life Hacks Are Insanely Practical, #14 Changes Parties Forever.

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To get rid of the pesky leaves and other miscellaneous things in your gutter, connect a PVC pipe to your lawn blower.

As each day goes by, someone in the world is inventing a new life hack. It's these people who truly deserve an award and recognition for helping make our lives a little easier. Without these people, we'd be living much more stressful lives filled with various everyday activities that are harder than they should be. If you’ve never heard of such “hacks,” you’re definitely missing out. Take a look below for some of the many life hacks such wonderful people have created. I'm sure you'll find many of them useful.

Use an old magazine rack to neatly organize your pans.

Use baby shampoo to unshrink your shrunken clothes.

Michael G.

For all the parents who have to deal with over-used Legos, use a mesh bag to wash the legos in the washing machine to keep them sanitary.

For the people who are coaster-deprived.

To prevent weeds from growing in your man made garden, place newspaper beneath the mulch.

Now they'll always be in place.

For the people who live in colder climates, use vinegar to prevent your windshield from getting icy.


Save your dishes and pour milk into the cookie container.

Hang up a shoe organizer in your cupboard and use it to organize produce instead.

Where has this hack been all my life?!

This one is for all the people who like to rearrange their furniture. Use a fork to fluff out the pressed down carpet areas from heavy furniture.


A quick easy fix for dapper men on the go.

Freeze your alcohol within a huge bottle of water to keep it cold on hot days.

Use paper plates as an accessory to your fitness goals.

Charlene Johnson

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Cut a hole into an old shoebox and attach a lens to create your very own smartphone projector.

So all your slices from now on are precise.

To save space in your luggage, roll up multiple articles of clothing in one.

How to fill a bucket the easy way.

This one's for all the DIY home owners.

Always have trouble getting those keys onto your keychains? Use a staple remover to help you slide the keys on with ease.

Paint clear nail polish over buttons to keep them from unbuttoning randomly.

If you don't want to bother buying an actual phone mount for your car, just use a rubber band.


This one is for women who need a way of stashing emergency money in their purse.