Newlyweds Spotted A Homeless Guy, How They Treated Him Is Going Viral Today.

Newlyweds Spotted A Homeless Guy, How They Treated Him Is Going Viral Today. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

A wedding is one of the happiest moment for two people in love. After all, this is when a couple makes a pledge to join their lives together. The day is filled with love, happiness, and a lot of celebration. It is a day where the sadness in the world is forgotten to focus on the journey the two souls are about to embark on. Rather than assume the day is only about them, some couples choose to share their joy and good fortune with others. Some couples may ask for donations to their favourite charity in lieu of gifts. It is selfless acts like this that restores our faith in humanity.Tindall, from New Zealand, lives in Italy with her new husband Clementi. After the service, the couple cut their wedding cake in the backyard of the Presbyterian church as many of their guests would not be able to attend the wedding reception.

Earlier in the day on their way to church they had spotted the man sleeping. The homeless man, barefoot, and with his belongings at his side, was sitting on the grass. The Good Samaritans stopped to offer a piece of their wedding cake to the man. “It was just a nice gesture, and we had a lot of cake. It’s not the healthiest food to give him, but it was just what we had,” Tindall said.

What the couple did not realize until their photographers told them was that the man began to cry when the newlyweds walked away.

Other guests also offered the man coffee, more cake, and gave him money. Clementi gave the man one of his cigarettes. Clementi, 49, is a doctor in Italy and has worked with Doctors without Borders. Tindall, 39, who is a chiropractor has worked with sex trafficking victims in Thailand. Clementi has taken in a refugee from Syria and another from Pakistan.

“I don’t know anything about him, I’d like to know more. They are not many people that can make me cry,” May said. “It was only a piece of wedding cake, but it meant so much.”

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