23 Weird Photos Where You DON’T Want To Know The Whole Story.

23 Weird Photos Where You DON’T Want To Know The Whole Story. August 5, 2018

As human beings, we naturally expect explanations for something we don’t understand. That something can be a person’s behavior, a piece of artwork, a complicated machine, or even a situation/scenario. It’s normal to be confused and ask “what’s going on here?” People are naturally curious creatures. However, as we grow up, we experience and witness so many different situations that we eventually start needing less explanations. We see scenarios that actually make absolute sense to us at first glance. Here’s a few photos of those situations that require no explanation.So nobody has to ask what happened.

Good thinking mom for clearing your name.

How else can someone be this bad at the game?

But I agree!

But why is he holding a sewing machine in his hand?

I can’t blame him, I’d feel the same way.

Looks like the car was wrong.

You think we don’t know what’s going on here?

Productivity at its best.

At least they got some cake out of it!

However, this public toilet might be a little too public.

Family should be able to ride along in the ambulance.

That dress is just so telling.

Just another spoiled dog who didn’t want to walk anymore.

He must have caught a lot of fish.

Careful, they may no longer trust you ever again.

Hover board responsibly guys.

Good thing there’s an officer there.

This can only mean one thing: Christmas Eve.

Yeah we can tell from the dent in your bumper.

Read the directions, people!

Have you met a Keith? I’d join the club too.

Sorry kid, but I’m sure you’ll love your soon to be younger brother or sister.