30 Social Media Fails So Embarrassing You’ll Feel Guilty For Laughing.

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A part of me just died.

We've all heard of stories where someone's "faith in humanity has been restored." These stories usually involve a stranger returning a person's lost phone or wallet or someone rescuing puppies from a storm drain. What we have here are people who do the complete opposite. Instead of restoring your faith, these people give you reason to lose faith in humanity and some of them are quite funny. We can all shake our heads together and get a good laugh.

It doesn't quite work like that.

Are you lost?


Is this person for real?

What did the goldfish ever do to you?

Yeah, you have to consider the tense.

You tell 'em Austin!


Can't tell if "sah hot beb" is a sarcastic or real comment.


You've been terribly misinformed.

Well that escalated quickly.


Someone please tell Amanda where Houston is.

And what exactly is a Kardashian?

Billy Ray Cyrus probably gets mistaken for lots of people.

Such a thoughtful girlfriend.

Please get her a map fast.

Starting them young.

Oh jeez.

Poor guy.

You sound like a very promising character.

Oh no you didn't.


Didn't know Paul Waker had such an uncanny resemblance to Neil Patrick Harris.

Something's wrong in this equation.


I can't.

Just because he's allergic, no other reason.

I see where you were going with this but...


That's actually a very good question.

Please elaborate.