Gang Member’s Tattoos Were Removed In A Powerful Social Experiment.

Gang Member’s Tattoos Were Removed In A Powerful Social Experiment. November 3, 2018

You can file this one under interesting or maybe just bizarre. Steven Burton is very good with digital software and one of the projects he has started doing is removing tattoos from former gang members. Not really removing them, just removing them in photographs so they can see what they would look like without them. The subjects are still covered with them in real life after the session. The former gang bangers are amazed at the results when they see the finished photographs. It gives them a glimpse of the life they could possibly have if they hadn’t gone under the gun a few thousand times. But remember it’s just a photograph without the tattoos. It’s not like it’s going to change their life and help them find a better job. The tats are still there in real life. The before photographs are digitally fixed to remove the tats, meaning they are photo shopped. The very commonly used program now has a new use. It can make people look like they once did many years ago. Burton is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter so he can raise funds to do more of these types of digital fixes. If you have any interest in making a donation to help out you can just type in his name and you will find him easily.

**Here you can see a clip of a before and after subject. Francisco is amazed at the results of his “now” pictures without all of the tats. But he still has them all in real life.**