Here’s What You Should Do If A Nuclear Bomb Is Dropped Near You.

Here’s What You Should Do If A Nuclear Bomb Is Dropped Near You. May 9, 2019

It’s never a bad idea to be prepared for something that may happen. It’s doesn’t matter if it’s a flat tire or a worldwide event that you are preparing for either, preparedness makes all the difference in the world. If you get a flat tire in your vehicle but have no spare, you’re pretty much screwed and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The same holds true for world events. Now that nuclear bombs are back to the forefront of the news, it’s a good idea to know what you should do if one happens to come in your area. Being prepared can save your life.We just never know when it could happen anymore. With what’s going on in the world today it’s not a bad thing to know these facts.

These numbers are from 2010, but they are still pretty accurate. You can see that a concrete bunker or basement are the best places to be.

You’ll need a door approved to withstand plenty of heat.

It’s a good idea to stock it up prior with plenty of food and water.

You might be in there for a while so make sure there is plenty of food. Canned good will last for a long time and are a good choice to have.

If a nuke comes your way you need to take shelter immediately, there is no question about that. If there is a better place nearby, than the spot you have chosen, you need to get to it as quickly as possible.

You should expect to stay in the shelter for at least 24 hours. Immediately wash any type of debris from your body once you get into the shelter. This will lower the contamination level.

If you have a chance of clothes, it’s a good idea to bag up the ones you were wearing during the attack. They are carrying contaminates and this will keep the radioactive material in one place.

The clothes you wear during an attack will absorb all kinds of radio active material. By changing clothes as quickly as possible you’ll removes almost 90% of the radioactive material from your body.

Grab a shower as quickly as possible. Wash every inch of your body and wash your hair with shampoo or soap but don’t use conditioner. The material in it with bind the radioactive material to your hair.

One lone doorway was all that remained in this neighborhood.

They had to try to find help and shelter but as you can see there wasn’t much left to offer.

Nothing will ever look the same again.

The US detonated this Ivy Mike, the first successful hydrogen bomb test back in 1952. Nukes were quickly becoming a thing of the past, but now they are back front and center.

What happened in the Ukraine was an accident. You can only imagine what the results would be if something were to be done purposely.

Some of the first responders are celebrated and remembered here. They fought the original fire but had little chance for survival afterward.

This woman holds a photo of a relative that died after that horrible accident. Much like the US does for victims of 9/11, there is a yearly marking of those lost in the Chernobyl accident.

This woman places flowers on the graves of some of those who were lost. The brave men and women who fought the fire and contamination had no idea what they were up against.

This woman holds a photo of her husband, who was lost fighting the fire, during the accident. Those who responded to the nuclear power plant accident went to help put out the fire and clean up. They had no idea that it would cost them their lives.

The fallen are remembered all over the country. Several ceremonies are held honoring those local heroes who fell during the tragic accident.

The effects were immediate but felt for years.

Pictured is the complete crew for the plane including mission commander Paul Tibbets in the middle.

Years later, however, it was correctly identified as the firestorm cloud of the ensuing devastation below. This was about three hours after the bomb was dropped, when the firestorm reached it’s peak.

This is what Hiroshima looked like after everything had settled down. With the way things are going in the world today, this is a very real possibility that we face.