Take A Tour Of Obama’s New Home (Before The Secret Service Bans The Photos).

Take A Tour Of Obama’s New Home (Before The Secret Service Bans The Photos). November 15, 2018

Now that the Presidential election is over and Donald Trump will be moving into the White House with his family, Barrack and Michelle Obama will have to be moving out. They won’t be going far as they plan to move into this 8,200 square foot home in the exclusive Kalorama neighborhood in Washington D.C. Most Presidents head back home once their term is over. The Obama’s apparently like the area because they will be staying put. It’s only 1.6 miles away from their current home, just a nine minute drive away if Trump needs any help. After spending eight years in the White House it may be a bit difficult to find something to your liking to spend the rest of your days in. The new house is not too shabby at all, however, and they should be just fine. There is plenty of room to host the big political galas and with nine and a half bathrooms nobody will ever have to wait in line for someone else to finish up. With the eight bedrooms there will also be plenty of room for the overnight guests to feel right at home. The transition doesn’t look like it’s going to be a rough one at all for them. That is one very nice house!It looks like your average high end 8,000 plus square foot home but it’s not. The Obama’s are moving in when they leave the White House.

It’s not a gigantic backyard but it’s plenty big enough to host a pretty good sized party for Hillary, Bill and Barrack’s other political friends.

The front hall offers a quick glimpse of what’s to come when you tour the rest of the house.

The living room looks like a pretty nice place to relax, but where is the big screen TV?

The kitchen comes complete with a television in the corner and the dining area has a small desk for a laptop.

Here is one of the eight bedrooms. The fireplace is a nice touch and it will most certainly be used on those cold D.C. nights.

The house comes with nine and a half bathrooms so nobody will ever have far to go when the need arises.

This looks like the kitchen at Henry and Elizabeth’s home in Madam Secretary, just a little more narrow. Very nice indeed.

Here is where the Obama’s will probably spend most of their time. Will they redecorate or keep it as it is?