October Tweets That Got 10,000 Retweets In No Time At All.

October Tweets That Got 10,000 Retweets In No Time At All. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Every year, people tweet about 200 billion times, but only a privileged few get the honor of being retweeted 10,000 in virtually no time. Now remember when we all used to laugh till we dropped at hilarious jokes or funny sitcoms. Well, we don’t do that anymore. Not when we have laugh-out-loud funny tweets like these. They’re so good, even when the person’s just being sarcastic.

Intentional or not, the humor from these tweets are pretty much off the wall. It goes without saying that if you’re having a bad day, these tweets will pick you right up with their hilarious and sometimes bizarre humor.Good one mom. We’re sure a lot of mothers wish they could teach their daughters that you don’t always get what you want in life, especially on Halloween. But don’t be shocked when she puts you in a home when she’s older. Ouch.

Personally, we think the pic on the right is a lot easier to read and gets to the point.

On the other hand, the Star Wars prologue on the left starts out interesting, but halfway through you get totally lost.

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Linkedin.

So, if The Breakfast Club was the epitome of websites, then this photo would definitely say a thousand words… or in this case, tweets.

Those pocket eyes are creepy, but remind us a bit of that snarky Clippy.

That’s exactly how many of us look like when we buy a bunch of stuff that we later realize we don’t really need.

Who cares if people get salty over this tweet.

It’s all true. There’s nothing worse than a bunch of grownups trying to enjoy the upcoming “Incredibles 2” when there are children crying in the theater.

Even Hannah, who’s a total butterfly hater in her spare time has a shot, but that’s only if she can stop nuking butterflies.

No wonder she can’t land a date to save her own life.

You realize you want to leave, but you can’t because that would be so mean.

Plus, imagine what it would feel like if someone did that to you. So, you decided to stay and experience the most awkward thing in your life.

Who cares if it delays everyone else.

She’s so elegant as she’s basking without a care in the world. But boy is that sea lion going to be upset when she finds out that they called her a seal in that article.

**Hands off mommy.

Cause there’s only enough room in daddy’s heart for one girl and that’s me!**.

This is bullshit pic.twitter.com/3nZgju0ati — Hannah Ⓥ (@hannahtocci) October 27, 2017

It’s like changing your thinking cap, especially when you’re trying to really hit that note from one verse to another.

It’s truly awesome. No wonder people had tears in their eyes from laughing at this tweet.

We hope kids will learn from this example, so they can get real jobs, make some real money, and don’t have to take cash from other people.

But most of us would have admittedly kept the two grand.

Never has the edge of a cliff looked tastier.

But maybe that’s just everyone else seeing a medium rare steak. Now, does anyone have any super-sized A1 Steak Sauce.

**Clearly this guy never watched Final Destination or he’d know to stay away from that dancing deathtrap!**

In case y’all were wondering why I quit the carwash pic.twitter.com/mFMGpPiTPN — Casey.

(@fivefortysixx) October 25, 2017.

Don’t deny it.

Your phone is always in your hand too, and as soon as it vibrates, you can’t wait to reply to a text, even before you even finished reading the whole message. But we feel that this is a good thing.

It’s funny how pizza eaters are cool with pineapple, but strawberries on pizza makes them queasy. They’re both sour fruits.

What’s next. Pears and apples will become the new toppings.

**You know technology has come a long way when a virtual shark tank can make a grown man crap his pants.**

A museum in Washington DC has a virtual shark tank, telling you to touch the glass if you dare.

So, this guy did. pic.twitter.com/m7vKb07uWR — SimonNRicketts (@SimonNRicketts) October 29, 2017.

Alright, so that didn’t happen, but at least the person got 35,250 retweets and 17,734 likes.

But the real question is, have any of those folks who retweeted received a bit of good luck lately.

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