20 Oddly Satisfying Photos To Massage Your Brain.

20 Oddly Satisfying Photos To Massage Your Brain. March 12, 2020

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, hence why they can be so visually powerful. But to say that all pictures are the same would be a false statement. Our world is full of wondrous things, many of which often makes us realize how lucky we are to live in it. And photos… well, they’re like eye candy and can range from enchanting to funny, beautiful, gripping, and in many cases, unforgettable. Then again, some photos are just so cool, they’re insane! So we’re showcasing these fantastic images that will definitely put everything about the world into perspective.It’s not a glass decorative art piece, but rather a cake that’s nearly done glazing. Now, ain’t it a beaut?

Just look at these tiny little shells of different sizes and colors. It makes you hungry for pasta shell soup.

The first thing that comes to mind is that aliens did this. This stone collective is downright mesmerizing.

It’s like a flawless path of lines that’s enticing us to head into the equally gorgeous sunset on the horizon.

C.A.D. is a drawing software that’s created the illusion of a captivating tree shadow. Looks real though.

At the right angle, it looks like you’re gazing at a tunnel rippling through our universe to the next.

When you drive your tractor through the mud you wind up with a swirly mud design on your tires.

It’s still pretty cool and the best cat circle we’ve seen. It definitely deserves a good petting and a treat.

If you saw this on your table, you’d probably eat with your hands, because taking this apart would be a crime.

We never imagined that shelves full of cheese wheels could look this awesome. But can they roll down a hill?

Have you ever seen designs that were so pixelated? We wonder if we could turn this into wallpaper too.

No train conductor would have any issues looking at the tracks now that the sun reflects along the railroads.

It’s not easy telegraphing designs like this with tape from an adjacent wall, but this artist did a great job.

This watermelon and its melons, pineapple, and dragonfruit pieces look good enough to play and eat.

Even the color coordination looks beautiful. But what would happen if they needed to replace a cable?

It looks like something that came out of a fairy tale, but looking at the design almost makes our brains hurt.

These homes in Ireland are da bomb! They’re like Jelly Bean rows or Skittle homes. Taste the rainbow.

What happens when you need to take a few logs out to place in the fireplace? It all comes crumbling down.

How about this lightbulb? With it, you can feel like you’re celebrating indoors all year long.

You’ll love this unless you’re trypophobic. Better start eating though because the apple oxidizes.