11 Easy DIY Ideas For Your Home Office… That WON’T Break The Bank.

11 Easy DIY Ideas For Your Home Office… That WON’T Break The Bank. April 21, 2017

Just because your office is the place where you get your work doesn’t mean that it has to *feel* like work. There are plenty of ways to upgrade your office space to reflect your personality -and to keep it from looking like a boring display of greys, browns, and beiges. Check out our 11 awesome DIY’s below – **you’re going to want to make that gold pencil holder ASAP.**Filing cabinets can be pretty unsightly, so why not take it from drab to fab with a cool stencil? Unfortunately, we don’t have any tips to upgrade the boring paperwork that goes inside.

Few things are quite so ugly in this world as the office chair. Unfortunately, the chairs are made with lumbar support in mind, and not necessarily aesthetics. However, that doesn’t mean you have to live with the rolling eyesore – follow this DIY instead!

Hang notes and memos in stye with these cute pin boards. Use bright, rich patterns for the ultimate office statement.

Don’t settle for a boring bookshelf. Instead, buy a cheap (and boring) one, and take it to the next level with this creative DIY idea. Tip: Paint the back panels of the shelf in a contrasting color for extra flair.

This prevents your desk from getting scratched and damaged, and looks pretty good while doing it.

This pencil holder looks expensive, but it’s actually really cheap to make. It would look great on a desk or mounted onto the wall.

This simple DIY only requires a couple of picture frames and some colorful paper, but it will work wonders to upgrade the look – and organization level – of your desk.

Don’t let any space go to waste, and organize your things on a rack on the back of a door. This concept fights against the idea of a catastrophically unorganized junk drawer.

Need some creative motivation? Use a piece of iron mesh to hang all your inspo in one place. The best part is, you can easily swap the contents when your mood – or project – changes.

If you work from your living room but still need an organized space to keep your office supplies, try this amazing DIY. When the work day is over, you can just close it up and pretend like the work inside doesn’t exists.

Any one of these desks would be an awesome look in your home, office, or home-office! We’re partial to the one on the top left.