Office Kitty Raises Money For The Homeless By Snatching Money From Strangers.

Office Kitty Raises Money For The Homeless By Snatching Money From Strangers. March 31, 2023Leave a comment

Animals are absolutely incredible creatures and have amazing abilities. Monkeys can be trained to help people with mobility issues doing things around the house. German shepherds are often used as police dogs. Dolphins are being employed by the military to detect underwater mines. Miniature horses are being used as service animals. Cats can help out humans, too. This office cat is making a difference with his own special talent, and his owners couldn’t be more proud. Check out how CASHnip Kitty is changing the world in his own little way.GuRuStu rescued this kind heart when he was only six months old. Before being found at the animal shelter, he was a homeless fella, running around in a field.

He ended the company’s pest problem, and showed that he was a very good supervisor. “He hangs out with everyone at the office and often walks on our keyboards and even sends a few emails before we’re ready for them to be sent,” said Stuart McDaniel, owner of GuRuStu.

They couldn’t figure out where the money was coming from until they decided to test out a theory. They figured that people were using dollar bills to play with the cat through the door.

They inserted money through the crack of the door, and sure enough, CASHnip Kitty grabbed it right from their hands. They decided since people were continuing to give CASHnip money, that they should put it to good use.

“Being in the downtown area we see a lot of homeless people pass by our window as they walk to the various nonprofit agencies who provide them services, like the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. It weighs heavy on our hearts,” said Stuart.

The team warned people of CASHnip’s snatching ways, and encouraged them to play with this silly cat. GuRuStu would then donate all of the money to a local organization for the homeless.

“Many of these people stop and play with our Kitty through the front window. They never bother us, they just love to tap the glass and say hi to the Kitty. So that’s why we decided to donate CASHnip Kitty’s dollars to the Tulsa Day Center for the homeless,” explained Stuart.

->**People walking by love to see how high CASHnip Kitty will jump to grab their money.**<-

This beautiful two-year old boy has already donated $100 to the Tulsa Day Center for the Homeless. Thanks for doing such a great job CASHnip!

->**CASHnip not only brings money to those in need, he’s bringing smiles and laughter to those that play with him.**<-

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