This Police Officer’s Act Of Kindness Will Give You ALL The Feels.

This Police Officer’s Act Of Kindness Will Give You ALL The Feels. February 15, 2018

Being in the backseat of a police car is usually not a good sign. We usually identify police officers as hardworking men and women who protect the community by putting away the bad guys. But the people in the blue uniform do more than arrest folks, they also give a helping hand when needed. Johnni Chevonne Adams’ car stopped working, putting her daily routine on hold. Except, Officer Charles Draper from Huntsville, Alabama made sure the mom was able to get her kids to day care and school all the while making Adams laugh. Adams took to Facebook to write of what started as a rough day but turned into a positive experience.

Thanks so much to Officer Charles Draper!!! What an outstanding, compassionate individual! I had an incident with my car on the Parkway this morning. I was so upset by the time Officer Draper and the tow company arrived. Officer Draper helped me safely get my children into his car, drove my son to daycare (and gave him a stuffed animal!), drove my daughter to school, and got me to work on time! And he made me laugh the entire time, really taking the edge off of the frustration I was feeling. This guy is a class act. You can tell he truly loves to serve his community. I am so impressed. Thanks, Officer Draper! You rock!