20 Of The Coolest And Inspiring Offices To Work In. #3 Looks Insane!

20 Of The Coolest And Inspiring Offices To Work In. #3 Looks Insane! September 20, 2016

After looking at these, you might want to give your office a makeover…Google’s headquarters in London is a trendy, snazzy office space. It features cutting-edge design with a British touch throughout the massive 160,000 square feet. I bet they serve some of the best tea in the world there as well!

The Skype office space was designed to represent the essence of their product; it’s playful yet immensely useful. They even use their lighting to create their cloud logo all around the offices.

100 feet below the surface of Stockholm is the famous White Mountain Office. It looks like the perfect James Bond villain hide away. Before its renovation, this office space was actually used as an anti-nuclear bunker intended to provide safety in case of a nuclear fallout. Albert France-Lanord Architects completely redesigned the space and created one of the coolest offices; literally in the planet!

These were designed by Selfas Cano Architecture and were intended to make the space feel much more ‘earthy’ and close to nature. While working inside you always have the feeling of being in the middle of the beautiful green wilderness, yet comfy at your desk.

Sara Morishige Williams designed this office space. She put ‘@’ symbols, ‘tweet’ birds, and bright uplifting colors all over the office. Very cheeky way to create that “Twitter” feel!

The Hyves offices use vibrant fluorescent colors to create a sense of home, fun, and high energy. It has a very “rise and shine!” sense to it with an explosion of starburst flavor.

The idea behind these offices was to create “breathing islands” for each department using old shipping containers and huge tents. The result gives each department its own identity and distinctly designed section of the building.

Inventionland is over 70,000 square feet of pure fun and imagination. The entire space was designed with 15 themed areas like giant robots, race tracks, caves, red carpet walkways, and a castle. It features fully decked out state-of-the-art invention workshops where their “creationeers” can build prototypes of their inventions in their awesome white lab coats. What a brilliant and quirky way to smash the idea of being scientific into limitless possibility and creativity!

They started with a plain, empty warehouse before they burst the walls with colors of blue, brown, green, and gray. The result is a spectacular modern space that exudes edginess, creativity, professionalism, and chillness all at once.

This design was done by INNOCAD Arkitektur. The bright colors create a light-hearted, refreshing workspace. Many of the offices are themed differently, like the stylish hunting lodge office or the blue ocean wave themed office. The giant green plant wall in the reception area gives the entire space a nice nature touch. Oh, you can’t forget the huge slide! Stairs are over rated.

This office was made with salvaged materials. Can you tell? Probably not, because the designers did an impeccable job creating a comfortable and stylish workspace with them. They used things like old street signs, wood from an old church and barn, an old pizza oven, and many other recycled materials. In the end, the finished product is a fantastic bone-fide hipster spot. The only thing missing in these pictures is someone playing guitar.

Comvert was searching for a suitable building for their headquarters when they came across a fantastic old cinema. It was the perfect space with plenty of room for a store in the front of the build as well as all their offices. Although, they weren’t sure what to do with all the space between the ceiling and the storage area. The solution? Build a skatepark!

Klien Dythem Architecture was commissioned with the task of translating the message “we think differently” into an office space for TBWA Hakuhodo. The result was an incredibly relaxing, fun, and aesthetic work space. The building used to be a bowling ally, so they kept part of it functional and threw in a golf range as part of a fully decked out entertainment suite below their offices. What a fun, “zen” like feel this place has. Wow!

The Saegeling Mendizintechnik office was based on a radial design (where the entire design stems from a circle at it’s center). It’s a renovated building that uses the previous buildings foundation and layers in state of the art systems such as curved “multi-radial” windows, air flow circulation paths, and capillary tube thermal control. Pretty neat!

The famous Emeryville Pixar Offices are a magical playground for its employees. It has game rooms, work pods, garden sheds, and living rooms scattered around the building. Anything that might surprise or stimulate your imagination is fixed into the decor to make it a wonderland of creativity.

Jump Studios created this snazzy design. Aiming to create an atmosphere of sleek, fun energy, they equipped their office building with a slide next to the trendy floating stair case, rectangular bean bags, and a flat screen TV in the lobby.

The creativity displayed on the walls of Nike are like no other office building anywhere. It features elaborate doodles in the reception area and vibrant walls covered with colorful shoes, picture frames and figurines. It all seems to stem from their CEO, who uses a similar work space by literally surrounding himself with thousands of bits of inspiration.

The offices here were specifically designed to nurture creativity as much as humanly possible. There aren’t any closed spaces, instead there are dozens of open seating areas where employees can sit, tell stories, and share ideas. The round lighting fixtures above each seating area add to the overall sense that this is a place to share yourself. I instantly get that “story telling” vibe especially in the blue and green areas.

The $100 million dollar offices of Urban Outfitters are crafted from the remnants of four old decommissioned buildings on the site of an old Navy yard situated by the Delaware river.

This is Toronto’s smartest building. Their aim was to create as much fun and unity among their employees as possible, so they placed massive slides in the seating area, used bright fun colors, and boardroom tables imitating hockey rinks and much more. The result has been a boost in company productivity, creativity, and overall growth.