Terrifying Moment Corpse Opens Her Eyes 300 Years AFTER She Died.

Terrifying Moment Corpse Opens Her Eyes 300 Years AFTER She Died. November 7, 2018

Do you believe in life after death? How about miracles, vampires, or zombies? When the living close their eyes and breathe for the last time, you expect that to be pretty much it. Game over. They’re buried. Dead. Gone. Especially if the person died three centuries ago. But in Jalisco, Mexico, something miraculous and perhaps terrifying happened. A bunch of tourists got the scare of their lives when the perfectly preserved remains of a child Saint opened her eyes for the first time in 300 years. It left spectators stunned by the perfectly preserved creature who until now had been resting in peace.Her body had been preserved by wax and kept inside the Cathedral of Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico. Suddenly, tourists got more than they bargained for when they came to visit the Santa Inocencia.

But dead bodies aren’t supposed to open their eyes and yet, this one did.

Her eyes appeared to open. After the video was recorder by one of the tourists and subsequently uploaded on Youtube, it has been viewed millions of times, as you can imagine.

So a tourist was terrified when he filmed her body and it appeared that her eyes suddenly opened

After all, it’s not everyday that a perfectly preserved corpse inside a glass coffin, Snow White style, seemingly comes to life. But you have to see the video to understand what the commotion is all about. As the camera moved up and down, the corpse’s eyes seemed to go from dead shut to wide open.

Had Santa Inocencia temporarily reclaimed control of her own body? Was it a trick of light, or some kind of hoax? Click on the chilling video that’s been viewed by millions and witness this miraculous eye-opening phenomenon for yourself.