Dying Man Is Granted His Final Wish, And It’s Heartbreakingly Beautiful.

Dying Man Is Granted His Final Wish, And It’s Heartbreakingly Beautiful. December 30, 2018

It takes a lot of hard work for a couple to make a relationship work and stand the test of time. Life throws so many curve balls at you that there always seems to be something to overcome. This couple from China made it through everything and stayed together for sixty-six years. The 92-year-old husband and his 95-year-old wife were both hospitalized, with the husband suffering from a terminal case of heart disease. When he came to the realization that this day was probably going to be his last, he had only one single dying wish. He wanted to see his wife one last time and hold her hand. She was on another floor recovering from bone fractures, but hospital personnel, with the help of other family members, made the one final meeting happen. They brought her up to his room and the couple lay next to each other and held each other’s hand while in their hospital beds. The meeting was all he needed to pass away peacefully and he did just that only two hours after seeing his wife that one final time. They made it through sixty-six years together and he got to go out on his own terms. You can’t beat that.This is a great photo of the couple shortly after they were married 66 years ago.

After many years of working, the Feng’s retired and spent the rest of their days together. Sixty six years in total.

The Feng’s took a family picture that included their daughter and grandson. Not many couples last for that long together.

The couple were both in the hospital at the same time but on different floors. When he knew his time was up his only request was that he see his wife one last time. Hospital personnel made sure that it happened.