The World’s Oldest Woman Gives Away Her Secrets For Longevity.

The World’s Oldest Woman Gives Away Her Secrets For Longevity. March 20, 2021

With advances in medicine and technology, people are living for much longer than they did 50 years ago. Even so, living into your 80s is considered a blessing for many people! The Guinness World Record association goes around the world recognizing people for their unique talents, abilities, and bodies. Just last week, a Japanese woman received a Guinness World Record and had plenty of advice to give on how she did it!At 116 years and 66 days old, she’s seen and experienced it all. And despite her age and her medical problems, Kane’s still as happy as she could possibly be. So, how does she do it?

For those history buffs out there, that’s the same year that the Orville and Wilbur Wright achieved powered flight! Kane was born the youngest child out of seven and she carried the concept of having a large family into making her own.

When the couple met, Hideo was a part of a family business that manufactured and sold traditional Japanese sweets, udon noodles, and sticky rice. When they weren’t busy running their business, they brought four beautiful children into the world and adopted one other.

During that period of time, Kane polished rice and made rice cakes, while at the same time, she took care of the children and Hideo’s mother. Needless to say, she most certainly had her hands full.

Sadly, Kane would learn heartbreak while he was away. Unfortunately, Nobuo was captured while he was in the military and wasn’t brought back home until 1947 when the Second World War had finally come to an end.

Up to that point, it seems like Kane spent a lot of time being the backbone of her family, which can be unbelievably stressful. So how exactly did she manage to live until 116 years old? Well, she certainly has a lot to say on the matter; starting with how she wakes up each day!

Kane starts her day at 6:00 every single morning. Waking up early allows the body to properly wake up and prepare for the day. If you’re feeling rushed in the morning, so is your body. Give yourself some extra time to wake up each day and you’ll see how much smoother things will go for the rest of the day.

She’s achieved this by reading and working on her math, but there are plenty of ways that someone could do this. Your brain is a muscle and needs to be exercised like one, so you could do crossword puzzles, play trivia games, or even put puzzles together.

She really enjoys playing board games and has actually become a bit of an expert at them. She especially likes to play her favorite game, Othello, with the staff at the rest-home she lives in. You could try going to the gym, taking a cooking class, or joining a book club to make some new friends!

Kane believes that eating plenty of chocolate and drinking lots of coffee has allowed her to live for so many years. In fact, when she was at the Guinness World Record ceremony, she immediately began eating a box of chocolates that she was given. When she was asked how many she was going to eat, she replied with “100!”

When you have a positive family dynamic, it can make life much easier. One of the main reasons some people die at an early age is undiagnosed heart problems caused by stress. We’re not saying that you should go have seven kids as soon as possible, but we’re not saying that it won’t help!

When she was 113 years old, Kane gave an interview where she was quoted saying: “Since I came so far, I have no choice but to try harder. I will do my best!” That’s all anyone can truly ask of someone. Well, congratulations on your Guinness World Record, Kane. There’s no denying that you certainly deserve it!