30 People Who Failed At Their Only Job.

30 People Who Failed At Their Only Job. July 3, 2020

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing you do ever seems to go right? If that’s the case, then you can totally relate to these folks. These people had one job—just one—and they failed miserably at it. Maybe they blamed it on the elements, equipment malfunction, or human error, but the fact is, they messed up, plain and simple. Some of the photos below prove that these workers were either tired or inattentive, which led to some serious oversights. Fortunately, for you, these fails are also very funny. You’ll feel like the luckiest person in the world after seeing how badly these people goofed up.

Could they have mistaken the washer and dryer for a grill or an oven? Maybe they used lighter fluid instead of fabric softener. Whatever caused this fire, it’s safe to say that this will be the first and last time this person will be doing laundry.

This was probably one of those “you don’t pay me enough to read” moments, or the forklift operator would have noticed those stickers that say “DO NOT DOUBLE STACK.”

This sidewalk is having a serious issue. Either it has one rebellious brick, or the person that lay the brick got so sick of trying to make the darn thing fit that it just placed it like this. This is why you only hire professionals.

The street drain is still going to do what it’s designed to do. But dang it! Is this the kind of shoddy work that your hard-earned tax dollars are paying for?

Go for the Barbie doll next time, please. If you go for those unknown brands you’ll traumatize your child for life when they see that one of the doll’s eyes and eyebrows is doing something creepy and unnatural.

Yes! Yes! It’s open Monday morning all the way through to Saturday night, and that’s pretty commendable. But they close at 10 p.m. on Saturday and reopen on Sunday at 1 p.m. Then they close at 6 p.m., but they don’t reopen until Monday at 8 a.m. So technically, they’re not open 24 hours.

Take this hotel for example. It offers plenty of the typical amenities you’d come to expect from a hotel, but there’s one that’s listed with three question marks. Curiosity alone will probably make you want to book this hotel.

Maybe you stepped into the “Twilight Zone” or you accidentally drove into the upside-down place from “Stranger Things.” Either way, it’s safe to say that you won’t know which way to go or how to leave this town.

Clearly, whoever goofed up the word “Sacramento” never won a spelling bee when they were in school. Maybe they were trying to type the name of the James Bond villain, Scaramanga. But it looks like the city wasn’t willing to pay extra to fix this typo.

Take the easy way out? Who could have possibly believed that putting this in front of a train track would be a good idea? This is probably not the message the company intended to send to the people in this city. It’s no wonder the number of passengers dropped.

The person working on setting up the power lines was obviously over his job. So, in lieu of a pole, it just found the nearest tree to use. It’s sloppy and irresponsible, and hopefully, no kid gets the urge to go climb a tree.

The message “Sample text” reads loud and clear to anyone who looks at this bag. Quality control is obviously a low priority in this shop. Maybe they caught the mistake but they had already assembled a thousand of these.

Of course, you can always count on that newbie, who doesn’t know what he or she is doing, to try to get them to accept the return of an old item. But as far as the management of this store is concerned, someone’s head is going to roll.

Maybe it was a typo, or maybe there is a magical realm called Chipotle, which specializes in tacos and mission-style burritos. Well, you can only dream! The person that typed this must have had a bean burrito on his mind.

King Koopa would probably turn Super Mario into a hybrid Koala and condemn him to a life as a statue. Then he’d place him on an exhibit that encourages people to donate money to a Koala conservation program or something. This is truly the stuff of nightmares!

Whoever bought these pre-packed Valencia oranges must have been very disappointed to learn that they got what seems to be a bag of Granny Smith apples instead. But hey! A fruit is full of nutrition and low in calories.

Maybe Pringles originally designed these cans to hold tennis balls instead of potato chips. At least tennis balls won’t flip sideways and make it difficult for people to get to the chips at the bottom of the can. Fortunately, you can still grab a bowl and dump the chips out.

How did they miss this? It says right there on the bag to remove it in order to display the product. Oh, wait! Now we get it. They probably thought that today was opposite day. That’s okay. When the boss arrives, he’ll tell the employee who did this that he still has a job… opposite day!

For anyone who’s looking at this photo and wondering what’s wrong with this picture, it should be obvious, unless you’re inebriated. The driveway wasn’t designed properly so there’s no way to drive into the garage, duh!

Oh wait! You can’t because the stairs aren’t real. They’re just there for decorative purposes and assuming you can get between the wall and the guard rail, you’ll only get as far as the wall before you realize that there’s no way up.

Your legs are tired and you smile when you spot a bench. But wait! You can’t sit on this one because it’s facing the wrong way. To make things worse, it’s cemented on the sidewalk, so you can’t flip the bench around with your bare hands.

These knives will be totally cool for the cook-in-training in your life, but you won’t necessarily want to see a third grader with one at school.

Why laugh? Tarantulas are horrifying, but the toy inside this package isn’t a spider. It’s a roach. Unless your friends are terrified of roaches, this little joke will probably backfire and cause everyone to laugh in your face.

Just look at how they spelled 4th on the yearbook. It says “4rd”. Assuming the students in this class get promoted, where will they go to next? “5nd” grade?

Whoever’s in charge of filling out the information displayed on the screens during a news story was either very tired, or they were trying to protect this suspect’s identity. But then again, you never know. Maybe this guy’s name really is “Firstname Lastname”.