25 Reasons Why Onions Are Basically A Household Miracle.

25 Reasons Why Onions Are Basically A Household Miracle. April 12, 2019

Onions can be found in just about every household kitchen. You may not enjoy cutting this vegetable as it releases enzymes and gas-prone compounds that make you cry like you are watching an emotional scene from a soap opera. These pesky and eye watering compounds are what gives onions the flavour that enhances salads, soups, and just about any dish it is added to. These bulbs, however, have more uses than expected from health benefits to the perfect grill cleaner. After reading these tips you’ll end up adding more onions in your cart.Place half of the onion on top of the rice. The bulb will absorb the burnt smell, saving tonight’s dinner in the process.

Slice and crush onions followed by placing them in water. Dip a cloth in the mix and use that to remove all the grime and dirt off the metal.

Grab a piece of cut onion and place it directly under the nose of someone who is feeling dizzy.

Onions on their own may not produce the best smell out there, but cutting one in half and breathing in the smell has been known to help folks fall asleep easier. You can also place a cut onion in an open jar and place it close to your bed.

Sometimes splinters are stuck deeply in the skin. Grab a piece of raw onion and tape it to the affected area. Wait for an hour before removing the onion and you’ll see the splinter follow suit as well.

Mix onion juice, tomato juice, and neem oil, applying it to trouble areas. The topical treatment will reduce redness, get rid off pimples, and lighten the scars.

If your cooking pots have burns and black spots, place a cut onion in warm water. Let it sit and wash away all the gunk afterwards.

Scientists in Hong Kong fed crushed onions to hamsters who were placed on a high cholesterol diet. After eight weeks of being fed cholesterol and not changing their diets, they found the hamsters’ cholesterol level decreased by 20 percent.

Onions contain oligofructose, a soluble fiber that helps prevent and treat diarrhea. Oligofructose reduces the risk of developing gastric ulcers and promotes good bacteria growth in the intestines.

Make an onion tea to help with menstrual cramps. Use the layer of skin and rinse them. Boil them for a couple of minutes and add honey to drink. Onions contain phenolic compounds like quercetin which have medicinal properties.

A 2004 study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that quercetin has anti-cancer properties. The research found that quercetin slows the cancer cells growth in the colon and liver.

You may not smell great but that’s the point, rub a little of onion on your skin to repel bug bites and stings.

Boil onion peels in water and add honey to help relieve sore throats. Remove the peels before pouring.

Cut an onion in half and place it on a plate. Leave it there for a couple of hours, the onion will absorb the strong and often toxic smell from the chemicals found in paints.

Throw out bristle brushes which can end up in your food and cut an onion in half. Use a fork or aluminum foil to hold the onion while you glide it up and down the grill. This will scrub the grill clean. Throw the onion out once done.

Peel an onion and place it in water in a bowl. Place it near a window to keep bugs at bay. You can also spray your garden with onion water to repel bugs from your flowers.

Put your cut avocados in a container with a red onion on top of it to keep the vegetable fresh.

Rub your metal knife against an onion several times or until you see it rust-free. Wash it clean afterwards.

If you want your feline or pup to stop doing their business where they are not supposed to just place a couple of onion slices in the area. Your furry friends hate the smell of onions a much as you do and will do everything in their power to avoid the smelly spot.

Make an onion broth and spray it on your hair after it’s been washed.

Stop a sliced onion and simply take a whiff to stop feeling lightheaded.

Wrap the eggs in onion skins and a towel on top. Boil them as usual and see the natural colours the eggs give off when dyed.

Mix crushed aspirin, water, and sliced onions, apply the solution on the wart. The mixture will shrink the wart. You can also apply duct tape to the wart after the potion is applied.

Cut the bag into squares to use as pot scrubbers or wash the bag to hold all the bathtub toys or use as the bag that holds small items placed in the dishwasher.