26 Life-Saving Party Hacks That You Need To Know Before The Summer.

26 Life-Saving Party Hacks That You Need To Know Before The Summer. April 22, 2017

The season of barbecues, cook-outs, and al fresco dining is upon us. You might think of yourself as the Master Griller and Party Commander, but the truth is, everyone’s parties could use a little improvement. Here, we’ve put together some amazing hacks so that your next outdoor shindig will be your biggest hit yet – **trust us when we say that *everyone* loves a burger bar.**The lines on a red Solo cup aren’t merely there for aesthetics. Check out this handy guide to learn how to pour an excellent barbecue libation.

There is absolutely no barbecue guest on the entire planet who won’t appreciate this clever hack – and it sure beats trying to build a bonfire.

A few springs of rosemary will have your grill smelling great – and will flavor your meat nicely as well.

It looks charming, and you can also roll it over to people who are too lazy – or too drunk – to get a drink themselves.

Turn a plain backyard into a party backyard with some string lights.

Your wine won’t get watered down, and the look of a wine glass filled with fruit is an elegant touch.

This great idea feeds into the notion that the less dishes you have, the better.

This is a great way to easily serve burgers to the masses – everyone simply helps themselves.

This will both entertain and enrage your guests – what could be better than that? Pro-tip: Turn Jenga into a drinking game.

Place a glow stick inside each balloon before blowing up or adding helium for a cool aesthetic after the sun goes down.

No forks necessary, and they look amazing stacked up on a buffet table.

Using spray paint and a box with a hole cut into it, you can easily set up a game that everyone will love playing on a warm summer afternoon.

This looks adorable, and is a clever way to add a little color to your bar table.

To keep all of your precious wine and beer within easy reach during dinner.

This cute idea will impress your guests and also set the mood when the sun goes down.

It’s difficult to find a pot that can house a lot of corn on the cob. Instead, simply stack the cobs in a cooler, and pour boiling water over them.

This will prevent lots of muddy shoes from tromping into your bathroom, simply to wash their hands.

Scooping is a pain. This is a quick and dirty trick to get everyone their ice cream before it starts to melt.

If you’re having a buffet at your next outdoor party, keep the salads in clear glass jars with lids. They look beautiful, and keep nasty flies away.

Easy to keep in one place, and much easier to wash later on.

One of those ideas that you’ll be surprised you never thought of.

Follow the link below to find the recipe for this DIY citronella, fashioned from a quaint mason jar.

This is genius and will forever change the trash situation at your barbecues this summer.

Putting a cupcake liner over a glass bottle will keep the bugs out of your guests’ cocktails – and they look pretty great, too.

That way, they will all be in one place at the end of the night. Bonus points if you get someone to volunteer to wash them!

You don’t need to have fancy candle holders for your outdoor dinner parties to look fancy. Try repurposing some jars from your cupboard instead.