25 Exhilarating Outdoor Showers… Check Out The ‘Tiles’ In #16.

25 Exhilarating Outdoor Showers… Check Out The ‘Tiles’ In #16. June 18, 2018

That time of the year has finally come, summer has arrived. For most people, that means SUPER hot heat. Sometimes the only way to cope is to rinse ourselves with cold water. Ain’t nothing better than cooling down with refreshing cold water on a hot day and letting out bodies air dry with a breeze. Anyone can grab a garden hose from the shed but it’s outdoor showers that take it to the next level. With gorgeous landscaping and beautifully well-thought out designs, an outdoor shower can definitely upgrade the household. If you had an outdoor shower like any of the ones below, you’d definitely want to start each day with a nice breezy rinse.Never knew how beautiful and modern looking black wood could be until now. The white towel adds a nice subtle contrast.

The added pivot door allows the person in the shower to get a glimpse of the water view. Very beautiful indeed.

Take a shower or take a bath inside. It’s nice to have the option, don’t you think?

Leave it to a jewelry designer to design an outdoor shower that’ll leave everyone wanting one of their own.

The combination of the wooden pallets, grey tones, plants, and cobblestones create a very zen mood.

The large stones on the wall definitely contribute to that Mediterranean style. It looks like a shower straight out of a movie scene.

An outdoor shower incorporated into the patio of a hotel suite?! Le Saint Géran is certainly doing something right.

The outdoor space overlooks Block Island Sound as it is bordered on three sides by water, wetlands, and woods.

It’s a hidden gem that can be tucked away pretty nicely with the slat sliding doors.

Loving how much of the color white was used here. A very simple yet enviable outdoor shower.

This gorgeous space also offers views of downtown Los Angeles. And just look at that beautiful concrete it’s encased in.

Using branches instead of pallets definitely added a rustic touch.

This outdoor space also looks very much like a Mediterranean-inspired atmosphere. And It doesn’t look like much was added to create this cute space!

It’s a great space to take a quick rinse off after a day at the sandy beach.

How could you not feel rosy after taking a rinse in this space?

We’re getting secret garden vibes from this one. The high faucet is a nice touch, making the shower water resemble water of a waterfall.

The space was originally an unused alleyway on the property. Goes to show what great things can come from nothing.

Another shower that was designed by a jewelry designer and once again executed very successfully. The little lemon tree adds a nice touch.

This shower is a huge freestanding, polyethelene shower system. It can even come with colored LED lighting, if requested. Can you imagining rinsing off in that?

The perfect tropical outdoor space. The added colors of navy blue add a nautical theme as well.

This shows you an outdoor shower can be with the trimmings on its indoor counterparts. Loving that they added more plants to the space that go along quite nicely with the big palm tree in the back.

It’s hidden with a frosted screen and wood slat wall and tucked around some beautiful and clever landscaping. Wouldn’t mind having this in my backyard along with that pool.

The bathroom also features a cabana. The white wooden pallets are for sure giving a stable vibe.

It uses wood slats to enclose a double shower on a deck. Take a shower with your significant other at the same time without having to share one shower head! The perfect outdoor shower for a married couple.

They let Martha Stewart into their Montauk retreat. If Martha approves, then we all approve.