Outrageously Funny Dog Snapchats That’ll Have You Laughing For Days.

Outrageously Funny Dog Snapchats That’ll Have You Laughing For Days. April 1, 2023Leave a comment

Pets can brighten your day in a heartbeat and there’s nothing that brings a dog owner more joy than posting photos of their pets doing something wacky and mischievous. You’ll find just about anything from pooches knocking things over to posing weird, or even making funny faces for the camera. But thanks to Snapchat, owners can now turn these four legged friend’s funniest moments into something even more hilarious. If these photos weren’t already amazing enough, these captions will have you rolling on your back and laughing hard because they’re just laugh out loud funny.He’s like Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz” and he just wants to come home and be with his family. And you know, ruin their shoes, bark until their ears hurt and act all depressed when you leave for like a minute.

Three, in this case, is definitely a crowd, and the pooch in the back wouldn’t have minded being the center of his master’s universe.

Now you have to worry about their dog too. You can’t make a single move without him knowing about it. Dang it!

Especially when they assume that the worst is coming. Geez! You’d think they were heading to the pound to get neutered or something. Bunch of drama queens!

But can the pooch figure out how to entangle himself in time for dinner?

Well this one must have been a seal in his past life and it looks like his former traits are still lagging into his current life.

Relax, the pooch just decided to get all silly and stick his head through a wall because dogs are that easy to entertain.

Nope, he was just doing a little too much grass this morning.

Just look at that line! This is probably what getting into Noah’s Arc looked like.

Hey! Don’t judge him. He just needed some cash to go buy food for the kids.

It looks like a cross between a mutt, a kangaroo and a T-Rex.

You don’t want to overpay for something that they’ll ultimately end up using as a pillow. You could have save that cash and had a well-deserved massage or something. Next time, just give them a box or an old t-shirt, man!

Working like the rent’s due tomorrow!

It’s like one of those horror flicks where the monster has skinned the pets alive and are now coming after you next.

Family’s like a mafia but at least your siblings haven’t tried to kill you.

Uh, no! Not a man, just a cover-hogger with no shame.

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