24 Over-The-Top Moms Who Took Parenting Way Too Far.

24 Over-The-Top Moms Who Took Parenting Way Too Far. September 17, 2018

Everyone loves their mom… mostly. Technically speaking, we’re in debt to them. They did, after all, give birth to us. And immediately after, nurtured and raised us into the awesome individuals we are today. But sometimes, moms can be a little over the top. They think they’re funnier than they are. They overreact to certain situations. And they’re just, well, doing too much. But no matter how over the top they may be, we can’t help but love them… No matter how embarrassing they are.Yes, that is a photo of this poor kid’s mom.

Your childhood is pretty much doomed.

And they don’t know when they’ve crossed a line… or do they?

And this is what you find when you open it.

“You’re the world’s greatest mother, now knock it off.”

Looks like there’s some bottled up rage here.

But you’d rather they keep it to themselves.

It’s so personal and thoughtful.

She puts them to work.

You should have picked up when she called.

And on top of that, got a photo with him.

Give the kids their rightful turns.

Couldn’t have written the letter any better.

This will teach them for never washing their dishes.

Alright mom, any day now.

They’ll take every chance they get to mock you all.

I hope she received mediocre service.

Kuddos to you mom for catching her.

Awww, what a special moment.

This is mom level 1000.

“And it involves training to be the very best Pokemon trainer ever.”

Who just happens to be a drug dealer.

I wonder if these socks get pressure about finding a match.

This is actually a very good idea.